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These 6 cases, do not give the child a dirty bath! – the rapid growth rate of maternal and infant infant Sohu, so the conditions permit, it is best to be able to take a bath, keep clean, but also to promote the growth of children. However, many novice parents are afraid to give the baby a bath, afraid of their own bad wash or accident. In fact, do not worry, as long as the steps can be followed in accordance with the right step by step, and more patience and careful, you can make the baby bath into a happy thing, but also promote parent-child affection. But the 6 situation is not suitable for baby bath. Baby bath is a good skin exercise. Especially after the warm days, the skin is easy to sweat a lot, should often give the child a bath. If the child is sick, do not give him a bath, so as not to consume physical strength. Fever, vomiting, frequent diarrhea, can give children a bath, because the body telangiectasia after bathing, easily lead to acute cerebral ischemia, hypoxia and the occurrence of collapse and shock. However, if the child is just a little stuffy nose, mild cough, no fever, the spirit is good, or you can give him a bath. Children soak a hot water, and sometimes it can restore health. But the 6 situation is not suitable for baby bath. First, after vaccination temporarily don’t bathe baby vaccinated, the skin will be temporarily left eye microscopic pinholes, then take a bath easily contaminated needle. Two, in case of frequent vomiting, diarrhea temporarily do not take a bath when bathing is moving the baby, it makes vomiting intensifies, attention can also cause vomit aspiration. Three, fever or fever within 48 hours is not recommended to hot bath the baby shower, it is easy to make the baby appear chills, some even convulsion inappropriate bath sometimes make the skin pores closed causing the temperature higher, and sometimes the skin telangiectasia with blood, the main blood supply resulting in baby body insufficient. In addition, fever after the baby’s resistance is poor, it is vulnerable to cold bath immediately caused fever again, so that the heat back 48 hours after bathing the baby. Four, when the baby skin damage should not take a bath the baby has skin lesions, such as impetigo, furuncle, burns, trauma and so on, this is not the time to bathe. Because of the local skin damage will be wound, bathing will make the wound spread or contaminated. Five, after feeding should not immediately take a shower bath immediately after feeding, skin blood vessels make more blood flow to hot stimulation after expansion, and the abdominal blood supply is relatively reduced, it will affect the baby’s digestive function. Secondly, because the baby’s stomach after feeding was expanded state, immediately bathing is also easy to cause vomiting. Therefore, the bath should normally be 1-2 hours after feeding is appropriate. Six, low birth weight children should take a shower of low birth weight usually refers to birth weight less than 2500 grams of baby. Most of these babies are premature infants, due to the development of immature, low ability to live, subcutaneous fat thin, poor body temperature regulation, it is easy to change the temperature of the body temperature fluctuations. So this kind of special baby should be careful to decide whether to take a bath. It should also be noted that, in addition to the baby to bathe the baby’s own factors, but also should be相关的主题文章: