This bowl can cause leukemia! Home has to throw away! Sohu –

This bowl can cause leukemia! Home has to throw away! Sohu in the life of the infant imitation porcelain bowl is used more and more popular, light weight, strong texture, not fragile. But you know, if the use of inferior imitation porcelain bowl, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate! Imitation porcelain bowl called melamine tableware, see a lot in the market. The reporter visited factories and shopping malls found on the market of the porcelain bowl because of different materials, the price difference is very poor. In the experiment, the reporter chose two kinds of different prices of imitation porcelain. The high temperature oil into the two bowl, and was detected by the formaldehyde detector, the results — imitation bowl of low price, high formaldehyde emission, and even began to alarm instrument. But the price is high imitation porcelain bowl, the formaldehyde release quantity is very low. Experts say, the price low imitation porcelain bowl, material is urea formaldehyde resin, this material is more than 80 DEG C will decompose, releasing ammonia and formaldehyde, causing harm to human body. To identify fake bowl eligibility in two ways: first, to see whether the label belongs to tableware, melamine tableware, "" is a sign QS. Second, the tableware placed in boiling water for 30 minutes, if appear white, bubbles, cracks, or emitting a pungent temperature, for the unqualified tableware! The original inferior imitation porcelain bowl so dangerous! For health, check your own bowl! · END ·相关的主题文章: