This week Xianqing after rain today 3 days in Harbin city the main hot sunny

This week Xianqing after rain today after 3 days in Harbin City, the main hot sunny "brand life newspaper news September 19th autumn, autumn is getting stronger in harbin. Sunday is the first working day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the city is only 8 degrees Celsius temperature, cold new height, thick coat + Long Johns became a lot of elderly people, travel standard. Earlier this week, bid farewell to the rainy weather will be "hot sunny city" brand, the main area of high temperature 24 DEG C, the temperature of 10 DEG C. However, later this week, with another wave of the arrival of cold air, ice will appear cool rain, Saturday the highest temperature will drop to 20 DEG C. Health experts remind, autumn climate change anomalies, early, middle and late room temperature difference between inside and outside, at first by the respiratory mucosa warmth and cold stimulation, reduced resistance, provide an opportunity for pathogenic microorganisms, outdoor activities should pay attention to add warm clothing buddy. The weather: Sunday night to Tuesday during the day, the province’s sunny and sometimes cloudy; Tuesday night Wednesday during the day, cloudy with showers in northern Greater Khingan Range, other areas sunny and sometimes cloudy. Harbin weather forecast 19 days 23 20 days 24 DEG ~10 DEG ~11 DEG C for 21 days. 24 DEG ~13 DEG ~16 DEG C 25 22 cloudy cloudy with showers 23, 23 ~11 OC 24 cloudy showers 20 DEG ~10 DEG

本周先晴后雨 今起3天哈尔滨市主打“热晴”牌   生活报9月19日讯 中秋过后,冰城秋意渐浓。周日是中秋小长假后第一个工作日,冰城最低温只有8℃,可谓冷出新高度,厚外套+秋裤,成了不少老年人出行的标配。   本周前期,告别阴雨天气的冰城将主打“热晴”牌,主城区最高温24℃上下,最低温10℃以上。然而,本周后期,随着另一波冷空气的到来,冰城将出现降雨降温,周六最高温将下降到20℃。   养生专家提醒,秋天气候变化异常,早、中、晚室内外温差较大,呼吸道黏膜不断受到乍暖乍寒的刺激,抵抗力减弱,给病原微生物提供了可乘之机,户外活动的小伙伴要注意添衣保暖。   全省天气:周日夜间到周二白天,全省晴有时多云;周二夜间到周三白天,大兴安岭北部多云有阵雨,其他地区晴有时多云。   哈市天气预报   19日晴23℃~10℃   20日晴24℃~11℃   21日晴24℃~13℃   22日多云25℃~16℃   23日多云有阵雨23℃~11℃   24日多云有阵雨20℃~10℃相关的主题文章: