Three new board listed negative list of indicators clearly non technological innovation companies to jiuyaogan

Three new board listed the negative list index clearly than innovation company requirements to improve the reporter Ma Jingyu, editor of the National SME share transfer system Pu Hongyi company (hereinafter referred to as "the national stock transfer company) yesterday released the" National SME share transfer system listed business question — Some Issues concerning the application of the conditions listed on the answer (two) ("hereinafter referred to as the" questions "), clarify the implementation of listing the negative list of access management requirements. Three new board market listing of state-owned equity funds, approval form, military secret, dishonest debtor for listing access may involve in "problem solving" be clear. Access to a negative list of listing four indexes according to the "questions", the shares of the company in accordance with the relevant business rules and guidelines, combined with the market positioning, market development status and the requirements of national industrial policy decision, the implementation of negative list management regulations listed access, one of the negative list situation does not meet the access requirements of listed company. Specific indicators of the negative list will be regularly assessed and revised according to market developments. The list includes: the innovation of science and technology, the last two years and a total operating income of less than 10 million yuan, but because of the research and development of new products or services and foster business income less than 10 million yuan, and the end of the latest net assets of not less than 30 million yuan except; non technological innovation companies in recent years the cumulative operating income of less than the industry average level; non technology innovation company in recent two years and a continuous loss, but the last two years of continuous growth in operating income, and the average annual compound growth rate of not less than 50% of the country except; eliminate backward and excess production capacity in industries, last year and the last period of the main business. "Questions" clear, scientific and technological innovation, refers to the last two years and a main business for national strategic emerging industries, including energy saving and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, bio industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, new energy vehicles. Companies that do not meet the requirements of scientific and technological innovation. The average level of business income of non science and technology innovation companies is based on the professional opinions of the sponsor, and the average annual compound growth rate is based on the audited financial data of the last three years. Military related enterprises and institutions to apply for listing shall meet three additional requirements "questions" provisions related to military enterprises and institutions for the share transfer system in the country listed, in addition to meet the access conditions listed, should also be based on the provisions of the "procedures" related to military enterprises, restructuring and listing of listed capital operation in military matters review of work management, meet including but not limited to the following three categories: one is involved in the enterprise restructuring and the national share transfer system listed transactions, to review and obtain military matters, the national defense science and Industry Bureau and other departments of the examination opinions. Two is the intermediary for military related enterprises to provide recommendation, auditing, legal, evaluation and other services, should be engaged in military secret service consulting service qualification. Three is involved in military enterprises in the National SME theory相关的主题文章: