Tianjin FAW Chun sent A70 old Xiali have qualified successors. 9c8947

Tianjin FAW Chun sent A70 old phoenix car Xiali have qualified successors · drive for a native of Tianjin, Tianjin Xiali is very important to us, it represents our memory of a generation, represents our yearning for a better life, even said it "the form" has long been integrated! When there are many foreign friends asked me to Tianjin in addition to fruit pancake, crispy rice dishes, comic, eighteen Street Serratula, what are you most proud of things, I will not hesitate to say a word – xiali! With the passage of time, when more and more independent brands and joint venture brands, and the character already era Xiali cars derailed while immutable and frozen, launched more than and 10 years ago, and later the 2000 Xiali Vizi, Vela Xiali N3, but in addition to sales remarkable in Tianjin City, in other city sales it is not ideal; when the FAW Group acquired the establishment of the Tianjin FAW Xiali, everyone thought there will be what it can only carry the tripod, launched Weizhi Weizhi V2, N5 V5, Xiali N7 and other models, in addition to Tianjin city taxi Weizhi has become more common, the basic microscopic traces of other models xiali. When heard in recent years Tianjin FAW losses year after year, in the market is almost difficult to pursuit of development, almost everyone in Tianjin feel sorry for the once brilliant home brand, how the hope that it will have to take a shot for the Tianjin car models, and we Gener are old and young men who face up! In September 21st, a set of system of FAW car craft Dacheng Tianjin FAW Chun sent A70 is coming, whether it is able to reproduce the old charade was brilliant, we first look ahead! The car really is too resistant to people, not the pain grandmother, uncle does not bear anymore! Hit me from the notebook, to see how that old Xiali looks particularly strange, three car models that look good, hatchback models could give ugly home; very not easy to wait until the new millennium launched 2000 and Xiali Vizi, I think this car looks like with my aesthetic, when it is in my heart special love; but I don’t know why later, it damages the China ten ugly car, let me in later several years, all doubts about their taste! Look at the subsequent launch of those models, it is true that the old saying: "under the mouse pups, a nest is not as good as a nest," it is beyond my acceptance. Fortunately, Tianjin FAW leaders now know the importance of color value, for the "Tianjin automobile new hope" to find the Italy team designed to it, that looks like a small Chun sent A70 a lot of nice! In the usual way though, but also the common aesthetic range in everybody as a bias in the compact car home, Chun sent A70 interior lines is very smooth, while looking at the console some ordinary, not so young, but also in their acceptable range. The design of the console using bias driving seat side style, with very smoothly; the configuration, the new car is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, one button start, 7 inch LCD touch screen, automatic air conditioning, in front of Lu’an gas"相关的主题文章: