Tibetan teenager burns a large area of emergency rescue-face gossip

Tibetan Boy burns Tianjin Tibet two emergency according to Xinhua news agency, Tianjin Tibet medical team 16 in the local work, found a large area of the body burns with burn has been more than 1 months, but by the local medical conditions, with injuries and no signs of improvement. Medical team quickly with a central hospital in Tianjin, Li Xiaobing, director of plastic surgery and burns to get in touch, to be transferred to Tianjin for treatment of children. Then, between Tianjin and Tibet launched a 3000 km across the love pass. At the age of 12, children named lausson, more than 1 months ago when the harvest of barley, machine oil spills caused by a large area of the body burns up to 80%. Tibet city government Chang Tibet airlines, 12 passengers initiative refund to set aside 12 vacancy, the airline will be quickly converted into a 12 vacancy stretcher seat, culminating in the eighth installment of Tianjin Tibet in front of the headquarters of communication and coordination, Chang City Government Office, Planning Commission, Changdu office in Lhasa, Tianjin Binhai Airport and Tibet Airlines many departments and units to cooperate smoothly, small lausson boarding. The plane arrived at Tianjin Binhai Airport at 4 pm, already waiting at the airport staff will turn on the small lausson ambulance escort lausson arrived in plastic and burns surgery ward of Tianjin central hospital. Arrive at the ward, medical staff quickly to small Luosong’s condition was evaluated, and given the dressing and anti infection treatment. At present the condition is stable. According to the Tianjin Central Hospital, small lausson family difficulties, unable to pay for medical expenses. Burn hospital is currently called Cory staff donations, the hospital also breaks matters in consultation, and hope that the community can donation.相关的主题文章: