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To store "muscle" eat not fat after boldly lead: the New Year approaching, without friends and family dinners, want to hold their own food in the mouth, in the years still slim is too difficult. Don’t envy others, eat fat not easy thin physique, now to teach you to store muscle before the year, develop a hundred percent easy physique, easy to keep an appointment. Want to eat new year, eat and eat, seize the year ago to practice a few days ago! Content source: the beauty of women every day twenty will abandon hungry thin concept, taking advantage of the holiday to hoard point "meat", always can let you eat boldly! The new year is coming, you also began to worry about the new year and will quickly get fat? Professional fitness coaches recommend increasing muscle, but not eating fat slim rule, with simple home training methods can increase the amount of muscle and your body basal metabolic rate. Take the following 5 simple group action, they can practice to the body contains shoulder, arm, back, abdomen, buttocks legs and other "hoard fat" heavy disaster area, as well as in the re training after doing aerobic exercise, increase fat burning efficiency, each action is recommended at least 20 ~ squat shoulder shoulder squat push [push] Step 1 feet first opened to the larger than the shoulder width, hands holding dumbbells or water bottles can increase the weight of 1 kg, the primary from the start, straight to the chin on both sides of the dumbbell about height. Step 2 Step 2 knees slowly squat, hips like imagine behind it sits on the chair feeling. Xiao Zhi reminds, squat down as much as possible on the buttocks, legs, and not just knee bending, in order to accurately move to the core muscle group. Navigation in this paper

赶紧囤点“肌” 以后放胆吃也不发胖   导语:年关将至,少不了亲朋好友聚餐,想在大鱼大肉中守住自己的嘴、年后依然苗条实在太难了。别再羡慕他人任吃不胖的易瘦体质了,现在就来教你年前囤肌,养成百分百的易瘦体质,轻松赴约。想要过年任性吃吃吃,快来抓住年前这几天练起来!内容来源:爱美女性网 每天二十下   抛弃饿就会瘦的观念吧,趁着新年节日囤点“肉”,随时都能让你放胆儿吃!   快过年了,你也开始担忧年节大吃大喝会快速增肥吗?专业健身教练建议,增加肌肉可是吃不胖的瘦身不二法则,以简单的居家重训方式就能增加肌肉量以及你的身体基础代谢率。拿以下简单的5组动作来说,就可以练到全身包含肩、臂、背、腹部以及臀腿等各个“囤脂”重灾区,也不妨在重训完后再做点有氧运动,增加燃脂效率,每组动作建议至少做20下哦~ 下蹲肩上推   [下蹲肩上推]   Step 1   先将双脚打开至大于肩宽,双手持哑铃或者水瓶增加负重,初级者可以从1公斤开始起跳,哑铃约平举至下巴左右两侧高度。 step 2   Step 2   曲膝慢慢下蹲,想像臀部像是要往后方坐到椅子上的感觉。小编提醒,下蹲时尽量将力量放在臀、腿上,而不仅仅是膝盖弯曲,才能准确地活动到核心肌群。 本文导航相关的主题文章: