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Tomorrow challenge South Korea   in force fight opponents never give up – Sports – original title: soccer: the biggest rival, never give up Beijing time tomorrow, the 2018 World Cup Asian zone qualifying 12 finals will be kicked off the national team soccer team will compete for the guest Chinese challenge powerhouse South Korea in the first round of group A. Yesterday, the national foot after the arrival of the first Hall of Seoul training courses. National football coach Gao Hongbo and players to convey a positive and optimistic attitude to the outside world, which is also the team in the 12 match of a magic weapon. International Sun said in an interview, everyone is looking forward to with the South Korean team, hoping to fight team spirit and recognized by the people. Positive attitude and international Orangemen arrived in Seoul on the evening of 29. After a day of rest, the Orangemen yesterday evening in Seoul World Cup Stadium outfield, carried out after the arrival of the first training session. Gao Hongbo in the training did not arrange too many technical and tactical exercises, but to allow the players to fully relax, and a certain intensity of group confrontation training. At present, a team of 25 players in good condition, had injured Zhang Lin? And Feng Xiaoting injury improved significantly, two people should be able to play the match tomorrow. Only 15 minutes before the opening of the national foot training, and then transferred to closed. However, since there is no stadium perimeter fence on the block, so the Chinese and Korean reporters rushed to the Chinese and dozens of fans can watch the training distance. Tonight, the Orangemen will go to Seoul World Cup Stadium infield security training, there are still 15 minutes before opening. Winger Sun Ke said in an interview, "as the game approaches, everyone is looking forward to playing with the South Korean team. Opponents did better than us, we need to do their work, the biggest rival. We hope that the spirit of hard work and team spirit can be recognized by everyone, but also reflects our own value." Sun Ke believes that the current team of peace of mind and atmosphere of unity is the biggest advantage, team members rarely talk about the outcome, but more concerned about how to play their own level, and restrict each other’s core players. "Of course, the South Korean team is also very competitive, so the game will be full of difficulties, but we will come up with the spirit of never give up and fight to rival. Every game in the 12 game is important, we have to show a positive, optimistic and full of fighting image." Sun can say. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese Football Association executive vice president Zhang Jian flew to Seoul last night, he was in addition to the spectators, but also brought a deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, China Football Association President Cai Zhenhua’s exhortations. It is understood that Cai Zhenhua hope players do not carry on the back of the ideological burden, relaxed state of mind, play the true level can be. The South Korean team captains in the Chinese energy foot team training before the start of the South Korean team were concentrated after second sessions, in 40 km from Seoul’s training base in Paju, Xing, Ji Chengyong, Li Qinglong?, with Zizhe, returnees general all appear in the training field. Several players in good physical condition, in passing and grab ring practice, they are laughing and talking and his teammates, very relaxed. Since last weekend, South Korea K League has a round of competition, so the former South Korean team officially focused. In)相关的主题文章: