Transit city investment group Limited by Share Ltd 2016 non-public offering of corporate bonds (

City Transit Investment Group Limited by Share Ltd 2016 non-public issuance of corporate bonds (third) announcement of the completion of the issuance of securities companies and Sohu – all members of the board of directors to ensure that the announcement is true, accurate and complete, no false records, misleading statements or major omissions. City Transit Investment Group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as " ") according to the seventh session of the forty-second meeting of the board of directors and the annual general meeting of shareholders in 2015 through the "on the 2016 annual non-public offering of corporate bonds announcement", and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange "no objection letter about the city transit investment group private Limited by Share Ltd in 2016 the Shenzhen stock exchange for bonds with the transfer conditions" (Shenzhen letter [2016]477), the company in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "corporate bond issuance and transaction management approach", to apply the non-public offering of the nominal value of not more than 8 billion yuan of corporate bonds. The 2016 Close Corporation debt (third) unsecured bonds, underwriter Haitong Securities Limited by Share Ltd, the joint lead underwriter for the Sea Securities Co. Ltd., China Everbright Securities Limited by Share Ltd and German securities limited liability company. Bonds referred to: 16 in 04, bond Code: 118802, issue size of 1 billion 600 million yuan, the par value of 100 yuan, issued at par, the bond varieties for the period of 2+1 years, with the second end of the issuer raised the coupon interest rate options and investors sell back option, a coupon rate of 7.5%, from the date of August 22, 2016. As of the date of the announcement, 2016 (third) of the Close Corporation debt issuance has been fully completed subscription payment, the net proceeds of the company to raise funds into the account, and is for the relevant registration procedures. Hereby announcement. Zhongtian City Investment Group Limited by Share Ltd board of directors in August 29th 216相关的主题文章: