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Treasure line double eleven notice, wonderful not to be missed! 11.11 once a year "chop hand day" comes, your wallet ready? Shenzhen treasure line buying event will be grand opening! Special offer car, huge benefits of all incoming lively boutique! Cheaper  than  cheaper chance to join us, double eleven crazy shopping! Purchase! Purchase! The carnival of the four rites 1 Carnival Rites: Madden special offer car, every day only a 11.11-13 day 11:11 hall announced Madden special offer car prices every day, only this one time, waiting for you to grab 2 double Carnival gift:   BMW 2 series wagon Tmall BMW official flagship store double eleven Car Buying Sept. 11 activities 0:00; BMW 2 touring officially opened grab exclusive three Car Buying courtesy   (national limited 200) *  3 years 60 thousand km free maintenance service * receive BMW original heat insulation film (20 film single customer) * Mini BMW original tachograph *  flexible financial plan can be Car Buying *  participate in sweepstakes, pumping in tax free purchase activities link:? Spm=a1z10.1-b-s.w5003-15400232597.2.TE557s& id=541108486102& scene=taobao_shop 3 three Carnival Rites: the boutique 1 fold crazy sale promotion carnival, safety seat The wheel group, BMW models and so on, boutique, surprise price watch your eye! 4 four Carnival Rites: second-hand car replacement replacement in 7 0 5 Shoufu, replacement of other models can enjoy high subsidies quickly join us! Activity time: November 11-13 day Venue: Shenzhen Baoyuanhang BMW 4S shop hotline: 82752222 [shop] Futian                           [83976666] 81832222 [Xiangmi Lake store shop] ———————————- Merlin BMW authorized dealer Shenzhen Baoyuanhang Automotive Sales Service Co. Ltd. Futian shop address: Shenzhen Futian Futian District, Fu’an bus station tower building, building a two sales hotline: +86 75582752222 customer service hotline: +86 75582752988 Xiangmi Lake store address: Shenzhen City, Futian District Xiangmi Lake square Huapeng auto sales hotline: A3  +86  7558397  customer service hotline: 6666 +86  7558338  8878 Merlin shop address: Shenzhen City, Futian District Meilin Street s相关的主题文章: