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Trinidad to play fair intelligent hardware platform for the color highlight innovative power – Sohu technology o chapter November 18th news: "science and technology innovation driven, quality leading" as the theme of the eighteenth session China international hi tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as fair) in Shenzhen opened the curtain. As the first Chinese technology exhibition, fair in " national, international, high level, large scale, effective, professional, not over " the characteristics of attracting well-known enterprises to actively participate in the global scope. This fair from countries more than exhibitors, the number of participating countries and foreign missions, the number of new products are the world’s first hit the most ever, a new generation of information technology, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles and other areas of advanced technology and products was unveiled on the science and technology feast. Science and technology innovation platform in the field of intelligent hardware eye-catching performance of high standard high level conference on science and technology, Trinidad to intelligent carrying the world’s first VR mobile phone and three platform of intelligent robot — to Andy, to the mirror, to the lamp debut exhibition center hall, the product will be launched quickly the exhibition attracted onlookers. The exhibition site, Trinidad to intelligent CEO to Tang (Tang Dechuan) and the guests, the consumer product strategy and performance parameters of specific issues such as the exchange, the number of exhibitors and business representatives responsible person on the products expressed a keen interest, on product innovation, forward-looking and highly recognized the future of the depth of cooperation and to play exhibition opened on the Tang dynasty. Trinidad to VR mobile phone hit VR shooting, innovative use of megapixel VR camera, can be 360° full dimension spherical panorama, and can freely switch between the VR and 2D plane shooting shooting, and be able to shoot pictures of VR real-time preview, edit and share. In order to guarantee intelligent platform equipped with intelligent application and service system of intelligent robot, have access to the Internet entrance, video data acquisition and feedback, face recognition, human-computer interaction, information dissemination and push social and other functions, at the same time connected line and cloud platform for synchronous interaction and analysis of large data. Super intelligent robot platform to play Andy is a new generation of voice experiential interactive robot, 84.9 cm tall children, body shape matched with communication action can break the cold and personification abrupt, make the exchange more close. Full marketing solutions to Andy new media by using intelligent hardware + Internet plus, to help businesses solve problems such as drainage, drainage, through big data analysis to help businesses achieve precision marketing, provide the thousand faces of personalized service, so as to achieve traffic and sales. The ultimate goal of rise, the industry to create new marketing mode. Grasp the air to protect thousands of miles to make intelligent industry leader in the development of the current, VR industry and the development of robotics is becoming a new round of growth in the science and technology industry, with a billion market potential. In this wave of waves, based on their own strengths, launched the world’s first VR mobile phone, make thousands of miles to make intelligent lead the entire VR mobile phone industry. Make VR phone to create a new brand相关的主题文章: