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Trump to recruit 4000 people? Nearly 50 thousand resumes have been received – in the recruitment of Trump to the community, the people of the 4000? Not a thing at all! 50 thousand people have been China resume daily on 18 November, US President elect Donald? Trump will be sworn in on January 20, 2017, prior to this, he will complete the recruitment task, to the recruitment of more than 4000 people. According to the British Reuters reported on November 17th, the task is actually done to imagine than simple. Republican executives revealed that Trump has received nearly 50 thousand resumes. Fill more than 4 thousand vacancies have difficultly? Reuters pointed out that, as a successful businessman, Trump is no stranger to the people of this thing, his transition team is not like some American media said that a rush. And the United States government every four years or eight years will usher in a similar large changes in personnel, has already formed a working model. "Trump’s way of filling these vacancies should be the same as every president before him." Reuters said, first of all, trump will personally appointed several key positions, such as announced vice president elect Mike? Burns and the Republican National Committee, former chairman of rhince? Perth as the transition team leader Puri and White House chief of staff. Next, he will continue to personally select the Secretary of state, finance minister, defense minister and the Minister of justice and other important positions. After the "leaders" of the various departments of the new government, Trump will need to decide who should be appointed Deputy Minister, assistant minister, prosecutor and special adviser. Taking into account the Trump in the business sector to accumulate a lot of contacts, he may also be involved in the middle of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce and other departments appointed. The position is about 140 of all jobs to be filled, of which less than 100 are crucial to Mr Trump’s first day in office. Of the more than 4 thousand jobs to be recruited, there are about 1000 senior positions to be approved by the senate. The remaining more than 3 thousand positions are decided by the Trump transition team, including a number of economic and national security department staff, usually prepared candidates from the Trump campaign team of consultants, and think tank and research institutions. As for the most common position, such as dispatcher, assistant director general, select the right candidates from the campaign team of volunteers and interns. In addition, Trump also through open recruitment or retention is the current chief officer of the way to solve the problem of people. Reuters also pointed out that Trump recruit 4000 people this thing is actually not as some media said so urgent, such as Obama was elected in 2008 16 days after the first cabinet officials announced the appointment of President elect, there are many months of the history of the United States after the completion of the first round of appointments, "from now Trump won the election just over a week". Insiders: has received nearly 50 thousand resumes in November 17th, the Republican National Committee communications director Sean Spicer? An interview with American Fawkes news, he said the newly elected)相关的主题文章: