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TV comes with the education channel, can not bear children watch TV to waste time – Sohu technology introduction although using a mobile phone in the network access to information has great convenience and timeliness, but when it comes to the picture, the scene feeling, comfort, TV still has an absolute advantage. As an essential leisure and entertainment tool, I am very particular about the quality of the TV, because it is not only for me to watch TV, but also to take the important role of regulating the family atmosphere. Fancy this Samsung 55KUF30Z TV first because it’s eye and resource function, because I am more on children’s education, I do not exclude children through the TV to reach more things, the colorful children’s TV programs can expand their imagination, and the unique HDR HD display glasses can play for children a good protective effect, not only children, the elderly at home can also interact in the leisure and entertainment by children have better. The children always cannot avoid love watching cartoons, I have no objection, but I hope you can let her learn more useful contact program, multi resource function in this very good to meet my needs, virtually the child a tutor, really saved me a lot of heart, so just want to home the TV is updated by Samsung 55KUF30Z. Second days after the order will arrive at noon, express not to say very awesome, the appearance and the picture is almost the same as no color too much, it is the real shooting effect is very good, 55 inch screen looks very shocking, a simple design process more out of this TV is extraordinary, I don’t love is too complicated and exaggerated design, Samsung 55KUF30Z and I agree without prior without previous consultation. There is a big bright spot is that the V bracket, the design is in my opinion the punchline, narrow and thin 55 inch panel on the V word collocation frame, advantage of the big screen to show most incisive power ultra clear, HDR screen than in the past really clearly pictures of many, even without professional contrast, the naked eye can identify the color and picture only by different, have a significantly higher level. Even after using the first and the home network connected, haha, Internet TV is really sharp. Focus on recommended mango channel, look at the film library, this variety library, as well as with my bank related food channels, too cool. A variety of large almost let us pick hualiaoyan, my family was especially love to see the Hunan satellite TV programs, it is better to Hunan satellite TV exclusive massive resources is optional, but also the image correction and display magnification, this makes the eyes not good parents satisfaction. Network education channel is a major bright spot, dance, painting, handmade all these things. The children like to turn on the TV as soon as they go home and draw pictures on tv. I feel most helpful is the Olympic math teaching, the original plan is to give the children a Mathematical Olympiad classes, but considering the after school if to spend time on the way to the Olympic math class, it is too hard. Now at home can learn at any time, awesome! Because ~相关的主题文章: