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The two floor old boys climb windowsill caught fire plug machine rescue 17 10 am, Shahekou District Ling Shan Street (near the center of the hospital) an old residential building fire emergencies, an elderly man in the escape when caught in the balcony guardrail, the fire arrived before there were two men trying to rescue the elderly, but failed. In the end the efforts of firefighters successfully rescued it from the window of the. Residential building fire a man trapped fire in an old residential building two floor, the public Ms. Wei went to central hospital just to see this scene, "the beginning is outside of the window to smoke, smoke up very quickly, soon to smoke." Ms. Wei describes the situation at the time of the incident. When she had a zebra crossing near the scene, found that there is a shadow fire window: more than and 60 years old, fat, lying in the window at the scene, Ms. Wei did not hear the cries for help, while smoke more and more, from the outside the house was dark, she quickly called the the police. In this moment of tension, two guys appeared in the window. Beijing Dongying rapid transit station real fire scene smoke billowing with crash boys climbed plug machine rescue reporters on the scene, the residents of the home window has a simple fence "balcony" at the bottom of the hollow, looks very old, the balcony is a floor shops advertising plaque, plaque on one side of a an air conditioner unit. Reporters saw the scene shot from Ms. Wei, two save the young man stood on the plug-in, the other one closer to those trapped: he was standing on the first floor of a billboard, a foot on the fence. At this time the young man was caught trapped by the arm, and window guardrail "balcony" flat, but because the trapped head stuck in the gap between the fence could not move, the rescue is not smooth, the two boys had to use a wet towel over his mouth in the trapped firefighters rushed to the waiting. "I was so nervous that I forgot to breathe." Ms. Wei said, fortunately, when firefighters arrived. Cut off the fire barrier to rescue people trapped with the fire brigade set up rescue ladder, two rescue guy back down. Reporters learned that the fire officers and soldiers in the open two windows are set up a rescue ladder, one used to cool the fire, a dedicated to save. From the scene photos taken by members of the public to see Mr. Lee, two fire brigade along the rescue ladder climbed the top of the first floor billboard, there are a number of fire officers and soldiers on the billboards to support. Due to the trapped move, the implementation of the rescue of the fire brigade will use several pincers cut fence will be expanded, trapped from space rescue. 120 trapped were rushed to the hospital, the legs, face multiple burns and burn injuries, but not life-threatening. Reporters on the scene saw the fire after the incident, the residents of the home is a mess, the basic items were burned. Nearby residents said, usually two old people living here, when a person is not at home, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: