Typhoon Meranti has caused 1 deaths in Taiwan nearly 1 million power outages-mmhouse

Typhoon "Meranti" has caused 1 deaths in Taiwan nearly 1 million power outages in Taipei in September 15, Xinhua (reporter Liu Gang Xu Xueyi) known as the year’s strongest typhoon "Meranti", causing serious damage to Taiwan. The latest statistics show that Taiwan’s disaster response center, "Meranti" has led to the deaths of 1 people, injured 51 people, nearly 1 million power outages. According to the Taiwan Disaster Response Center, 14 typhoon center across the coastal waters of Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung port 4 boats ran aground off the cable, a 58 year old man surnamed Chen unfortunate drowning death of fishermen. And 51 injured, most of the motorcycle was blown down by falling trees, bruised or injured litter. "Meranti" looms over the central and southern Taiwan, from 14 in the morning, strong winds and heavy rain continued until the 15 morning before easing. Under its influence, a total of nearly 1 million power outages, about 700000 households without water, mainly concentrated in the eastern and southern regions. Once paralyzed traffic is still recovering. As of now, Taiwan iron loop and Alishan Forest Railway still suspended in. There are still 14 shipping routes 182 voyage cargo is suspended, 163 flights were canceled. The island has 15 highway tolls interrupted, and another 12 is still closed in. As a result on the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, many eager to return home to reunite people stranded, the transportation pressure increased sharply. According to preliminary statistics Taiwan Disaster Response Center, "Meranti" has caused the agricultural losses of nearly billion (NT, the same below), the school lost nearly 30 million yuan. These statistics are still in progress as the typhoon has just passed. 11:30 to 15 days, Taiwan has been from the "Meranti" storm, meteorological departments immediately lift on land and sea typhoon warning. But following the "Meranti" after the sixteenth typhoon "malakas" is on the way. Meteorological department said, "malakas" sea typhoon warning may be issued at 23:30, 16, do not rule out the issue on land typhoon warning. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: