Uber CEO confirmed that the year before the acquisition of LYFT almost because the price is not talk-googims

Uber CEO confirmed: two years ago almost bought Lyft because the price did not tanlong Uber CEO Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 3rd news, according to the "fortune" website reported in the media exposed Uber taxi applications are in talks with rival Lyft and tried to buy the "news, Uber CEO Travis · Karan Nick (TravisKalanick) Friday confirmed: two years ago, the two companies really started merger talks, but at that time due to price differences, resulting in fruitless negotiations. Karan Nick Friday to accept the "economist" said in an interview, as early as 2014, Uber had tried to buy Lyft, but when the two companies failed in the merger price tanlong. Currently, as Uber’s most powerful competitors Lyft market capitalization reached $20% in the United States has a share of the taxi market share of 5 billion 500 million. The Uber market reached $70 billion, accounting for 80% of the national taxi market share. Although the size of the Lyft is small, but it has also successfully expanded to several cities, including Washington and San Francisco. In desperation, Uber had to invest more money to defend their own site. Some people want to know: Kalanick himself on the Uber failed to acquire Lyft that year, regret. This question, find the answer in the nick Karan interview: "no regrets". "For a company, participating in the competition is a very powerful thing, it allows you to serve your customers wholeheartedly." Kalanick said. Kalanick also pointed out that there is a taxi market in Lyft, then, to help Uber share part of the review pressure from regulators. Compared with the radical measures taken by Uber in the past on the competitive strategy, the current Uber initiatives should be moderate. Kalanick said "Vanity Fair" magazine interview in December 2014, said he had travelled to Lyft investors, the purpose is to prevent the small company fund-raising activities; at the same time, Uber also sent undercover officers aboard the Lyft vehicle, to persuade Lyft to switch to the Uber driver on the camp. If recent reports have been confirmed, technically speaking, Uber still has the opportunity to acquire Lyft. Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that Lyft was seeking to sell, including apple, Amazon, Google, GM, and even Uber. The report also said, Uber CEO investors, said the company will not spend more than $2 billion acquisition of a taxi application Lyft, because of fear that this acquisition will lead to strict regulation. (compile if water)相关的主题文章: