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Greatness is hard to define, but you know when you are in its presence! Here are a few commonalities I have observed in many financially successful people. They tend to: establish strong rapport quickly be able to tap high levels of energy take full responsibility for their results delegate responsibly trust the flow of life be extremely loyal and value friendships highly fall asleep easily be willing to say no (respectfully) be willing to say yes and take calculated risks be in present time consciousness balance and synergize the inner dreamer, realist, and critic experience greater synchronicity in their lives than most have a keen sense of priorities and what information is vital be willing to take a stand on important matters know when to let go That being said, Jim and Kathy Coover, co-founders of a network marketing company that is the worlds leader in nutritional cleansing, are powerful examples of what can be accomplished through vision-inspired passionate action. Jim and Kathy were a financially-independent couple, living a relaxed retired life in Lake Tahoe when they were presented with an opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of millions of human beings. John Anderson, one of the most respected nutritional formulators in the world, had developed a nutritional system to help him recover his own health after some serious health challenges. The system produced remarkable results for himself regaining his energy and well-being, and losing considerable weight at the same time. John became inspired to share this system with others. He sought out Jim and Kathy to bring this to the world, as the two of them had a proven track-record of marketing and management success, as well as a strong interest in high-level wellness. John finally convinced Jim and Kathy to try his system. They both had remarkable results, and encouraged John to share it with more people, so that they could get a larger sample size to evaluate the system. John then made up enough product to share it with several hundred people. He gave it away, simply requesting full and and honest feedback. The results were outstanding. Well over 90% of the people who tried the system had fantastic results. Now Jim and Kathy were faced with a choice . Would they pass on this opportunity and continue with their comfortable, private, low-stress lifestyle OR would they honor a stirring deep inside them and step out in faith and commit to doing everything possible to responsibly share this with the world? Fortunately, they DID take on this mission, as a committed couple making a free choice together. Their unique talents and experience, combined with their passion to share and empower others, laid a powerful foundation for sweeping and significant impact. They made some important decisions early on in the project that shaped the nature of the journey: They would use only the finest ingredients, whatever the cost; Network marketing would be the marketing structure to bring this to the world; Their distributors would be the healthiest, wealthiest people in the industry; The journey would be fun; They would take this breakthrough to the entire world. Each of these decisions were vital in setting the tone that leaders must set in order to create the appropriate point of attraction to guide their projects. Confident in their own abilities and worth, they welcomed individuals who had great talents and abilities to partner with them. This seems to be a real key for success, given the current world energetic. The John Wayne hero days seem to be over. As the ancient Chinese sages were fond of saying: The Supreme Leader fosters the conditions where the People say We did it ourselves. Jim and Kathy set new standards of professionalism and integrity for their industry. Isagenix has touched literally hundreds of thousands of peoples lives, both physically and financially, not to mention spiritually and socially. They have guided the company through its early years and have maintained the tone for the company, while at the same time allowing its structure and processes to evolve to meet the challenges of growth and change. I sometimes wonder, Did they find Isagenix, or did Isagenix find them? Synchronicity is a magical thing. Timing and preparedness meet through some mysterious alchemy. Maybe most importantly, Jim and Kathy Coover are a living example of Love and high-level wellness. They are an inspiration to many, and a splendid embodiment of servant leadership at its finest. Love aint nothin till you give it away! In Service, Kathy Bibby About the Author: Kathy Bibby, Life Style Mentor and Successful Entrepreneur, is helping many become the next success story. 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