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All capital fierce changed or making art arena Comics: Source: woo Ju Beijing Daily reporter Chen Tao on the mainland art market downturn for many years, nowadays is facing a great opportunity to counter attack. A few days ago, the domestic insurance giant Taikang through funding shares, becoming the largest shareholder of the world’s top auction Sotheby’s; time pushed forward more than a month, the film predators Huayi Brothers announced that Beijing and work together to establish poly poly auction Huayi (Shanghai) International Auction Co. Ltd.; earlier this year, science and technology enterprises "hongtugaoke announcement that intends to issue shares to buy 100% stake auction kuang. Another rumor that the well-known electricity supplier Ali Group intends to enter the art auction market. Whether from the company’s volume or influence, can only be regarded as a "little brother" before the auction, overnight became the capital chasing the meat and potatoes. The new capital simmering, will trigger the traditional art industry to make changes. The phenomenon of the mainland three shooting for the second becomes the new darling of the capital the United States Commission a day before the information disclosure of the domestic art circle detonated. Originally, Taikang a former life this month, several times to sell holdings Sotheby’s shares, the shares accounted for about 13.52%, has become the world’s largest shareholder in the auction, Taikang Life to spend more than $200 million. In fact, this is not the first venture capital giant art auction market, the first major shareholder is the first domestic art auction companies — China fang. Seemingly has chaos ", is actually a bank does not take the mainland listed successfully grab listed well-known auction toubajiaoyi. Gan Xuejun, President of the Beijing auction industry association, it is conducive to the layout of China’s auction industry among the mainstream international auction market. Back at the end of June, Beijing poly auction and film predators Huayi Brothers announced a year in Shanghai the establishment of poly Huayi (Shanghai) International Auction Co. Ltd., and held the first auction in winter. Used in domestic and international art auction field ho throw daughter Huayi Brothers chairman Wang Zhongjun, is no longer satisfied with stealth behind the scenes, and more willing to participate in at the art auction market operation. In this year’s spring auction, he was competing with 207 million yuan of Zeng Gong "calligraphy things.". According to him, the joint march into Shanghai, is to promote the development of the Yangtze River Delta region of the art market. This year is destined to be a lucky shot in the mainland. In early April, the listed companies of Jiangsu HITEKER technology Limited by Share Ltd announced that intends to issue shares to buy 100% stake in Beijing auction kuang. If successful, this involves more than 2 billion yuan of funds in the transaction, will become the first domestic auction Kuang for landing A shares. However, to become the new darling of the capital is no small fry. A report of Artron market monitoring center shows that the top ten global art auction houses, China companies occupy 6 seats, the turnover of the top three are China guardian, Beijing poly, Beijing council. Insiders say, capital and strength of the top three auction is talking about a marriage for the purpose of love. Impact out of the spring and autumn dispute towards oligarchy".相关的主题文章: