Venture capital raid caused by the sudden explosion of Dairy Association fears chain reaction jodie foster

Venture Capital Association Juzhen Yili dairy raid triggered concerns about chain reaction hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the most simple way to pick up the money since the stock market since the second half of 2015, the insurance company has become weak market in a shopping spree. The scenery, especially at the end of last year by the venture capital invasion caused by "Baowan war" is evolved into a national topic continued unpopular, but the current round of capital market has not yet revealed placards tide stop meaning. In the critical period of Chinese dairy facing the global market downturn, transformation and upgrading, sunshine insurance before flagrantly announced placards listed companies — China leading dairy Yili, has become the second largest shareholder, has become the focus of the market hot again. Sunshine insurance strong placards forced to stop Yili the afternoon of September 18th, Yili (600887) announcement, sunshine insurance placards Yili Yili, becoming the second largest single shareholder in a. Encounter the risk capital placards after Yili seems to feel ill intent, in September 19th announced that it is planning major issues of emergency suspension. Since then, sunshine insurance statement on Yili twice, promised to "do not take the initiative to seek to become the first major shareholder of Yili", also said "no longer overweight" within the next 12 months, just to prove their own financial investment, but this does not dispel doubts on the market. Many investors believe that the sunshine insurance placards is more than "the prospects for the future development of" so simple, "does not exclude the sunshine insurance through the control of Yili, more to achieve the purpose of the capital operation." Hong Yuan Securities chief analysis of normal analysis. Fan said: it is likely that the situation is that the future of sunshine insurance continue to increase Erie shares, thereby further access to control, to participate in strategic decision-making and senior leadership. Therefore, the venture capital placards Yili, not simply as a common investment behavior, but need to be especially wary of the Yili as a springboard for capital operation, resulting in the Chinese safety of dairy industry system damage." The association called for: Dairy should not become a means of capital operation at present, China’s dairy industry is in a critical period of supply side structural reforms, as the industry leader of the Yili Group played an important role in this process, the sunshine insurance placards Yili, also caused the industry association concerns. In this regard, China Dairy Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Erie milk Association) said that as the world’s top 8 and Asia’s leading dairy companies, should not become the capital operation tool, venture capital also should not become the negative factors affecting the stability of the China dairy. Chinese Dairy Association Secretary General Liu Meiju told Beiqing net: "in recent years, there are different capital through various channels into the dairy industry, but we don’t want to see any adverse factors of industry development. On the one hand, China’s dairy industry is in the throes of transition, is relatively fragile, not too much interference factors; on the other hand, the dairy industry chain length, and the distribution of industrial chain mostly for small and medium enterprises and dairy farmers, their anti risk ability is very weak, once the industry chain is the core of leading enterprises相关的主题文章: