Wang Jianlin Haier hit the refrigerator only a few money Haier domineering response yuria

Wang Jianlin: Haier hit the refrigerator only a few money? Haier domineering response not long ago, Wang Jianlin a "first earned him one hundred million" became popular, users lamented the "money is not everything, money is wanda." National father-in-law Wang Jianlin now, and then exposed the golden sentence of: Haier hit the refrigerator only a few money? In his large hand to buy back Shenyang Wanda Plaza, Taiyuan street shops, Wang Jianlin said, than the case of Haier smashing refrigerator, smashing 20 refrigerators only a few money ah? We smashed 350 shops, hit the more than 600 million." This screenshot, Haier micro-blog official responded: "I really haven’t counted in the workshop workers three years to pay to buy a refrigerator on 1985, Zhang Ruimin hit the 76 refrigerator to almost did not pay wages Haier what it means. But now I know why I can’t afford to buy a house." Haier’s response to God Haier responded to the support of friends, have said that Haier hit the refrigerator is not money, is the attitude. In fact, the video can be seen, Wang Jianlin talk about smashing more than 600 million is also talking about the integrity of the matter, as to pick up the white and Haier smashed refrigerator contrast, how do you see?相关的主题文章: