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To collect the oil painting knowledge you need to know the second half of the nineteenth Century southern folk painter of oil painting scene. "Self portrait", Guan Qiaochang, also known as the blue pavilion or Lin Gung (1801~1854) from the British, under the tutelage of George Chinnery, eighteenth Century Guangdong export paintings important painter. Written information times reporter Feng Yu, as everyone knows, the original painting is from western Guangdong via afferent Chinese. Usually in the early period of oil filed China communication history, everyone is paying more attention to it and draw Chinese distinct artistic effect, but further thinking is not difficult to find, unique technique and material art, is particularly important for us to understand it. Even the techniques and materials used in early oil painting directly affect the collection and repair of today’s oil painting. In November 10th, the Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts, laboratory of materials and techniques to repair the invitation, Shanghai College of Visual Arts, Professor of Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai Normal University Academy of Fine Arts, master tutor Yao Erchang was entitled "the origin, spread and variation — China modern materials and techniques of oil painting" the origin of lectures at the Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts, in addition to sort of modern Chinese painting techniques spread and also for the audience on the rheology of oil painting materials development is how to affect the creation and collection, protection. Why do you need to understand the history of non professional oil painting materials to see the topic of this lecture, perhaps you will feel professional too strong, with little relationship with the average audience. This is not so. Laboratory, repair materials and techniques for Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts Xu Yang told reporters, painting techniques and materials on the creation of even has great relation with the repair. Xu Yang said: "I give an example of the beginning and development of French Impressionism, it is directly linked to and tubes of paint, because the tubes of paint, the painter can easily go out sketching, which promoted the creation of impressionism. Another point is to protect the work of repair. We often use the ultramarine, commonly used in medieval religious painted ultramarine only natural products, is a very precious pigment, it is equivalent and gold. We present is the synthesis of Ultramarine Blue ultramarine, is the earliest in 1840s foreign produced, after about one hundred years later, we have China production. Natural ultramarine and synthetic ultramarine what happens in the picture? What will happen to it? These problems directly affect the protection and restoration of a work, and the choice of technology." In the period of the Republic of China oil painting, Yao Erchang cited the "white" and "red" as examples to illustrate the effects on the time of the materials of what we see today: "the collection of white pigments, early use of the white and white, the former hiding power is weak, after long time will make the picture color tends to be transparent and chalk powder, the latter encountered sulfur in the material is prone to dark gray, which is common in modern oil painting. Furthermore, the use of natural dyes and pigments in lake pigment alizarin red and western red etc. Although the color is bright, but it is not stable, in the face of high temperature diffusion or humid conditions will emerge from the bottom, the emergence of modern painting in)相关的主题文章: