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Warm heart! The four United fans would visit the cancer to complete its last wish Manchester will visit [collection] Lianzhong fans Manchester 0-1 Hanfu Faye Nord Ibu bench no contribution sports news according to the British media Tencent in September 18th "90min" news, recently United’s four generals including Ashley Jan and Rush Forde, visited a 73 year old cancer Manchester United fans, realized the the iron powder can meet with United player wishes, four will be in the Red Devils fans stay home after half an hour away, and in 45 minutes after the Reds fans meet with death. The 73 year old Paddy, he is a united iron powder, the love of your life most players love the Reds, he is the two United legend Best and Giggs. A few years ago, Paddy was diagnosed with prostate cancer, although the struggle with the disease, but Paddy’s physical condition is worse every day. Paddy has always had a desire to know he was dying he would like to see the United players before his death, and his children in order to achieve the desire of the elderly, specially on Facebook launched a "to help him see them (Manchester United)", in the face of the book, the children of Paddy wrote "Paddy is a loyal fans, if he can achieve his wish, he will become the most happy people." The club also learned the news, so Manchester United’s Ashley young rush’s four players also came in a special training game to paddy’s home, completed the dream of paddy. It is reported that the four players gave Paddy a signed Manchester United Jersey, with a photo of a group of Paddy at the same time, stay here for half an hour. In the four United will go after 45 minutes, he died. Paddy’s daughter for Manchester United players to help realize the dream of father very grateful: "we are really difficult to believe that they (Manchester United) can make my father’s desire to become a reality, before he died, he had not seen any outsiders, United players practice moving in, see United player after 45 minutes, father died." Paddy’s wife said: "they (United players) great, they are not afraid of trouble, the paddy is a great comfort, we know he is left with a smile." (boats)相关的主题文章: