Watch pioneer new hero Sombra and the identity of the mysterious

"Watch" pioneer new hero Sombra and mystery of the identity of the mysterious [Abstract] from the beginning of last night, many puzzles are a post game player in the official Blizzard forum in competing yesterday afternoon and the analysis of "watch" the pioneer new hero. Tencent game news August 25th news, a new hero "shadow" (Sombra) of all kinds of puzzles is "watch" the pioneer of analytical game player in recent days are the hottest topic. Since last night, many players have been competing in a post on the official Blizzard forums to try to figure out the mystery of the new hero. Before the official announcement of the new hero, Blizzard through the forum, social media and other channels deliberately leaked information, so that players are digging deep in the vortex of secrets and unable to extricate themselves. Yesterday afternoon, Blizzard’s official Twitter account in reply to questions about the new game player hero (with the shadow language – Spanish) playfully wrote: "¿ Quié n es Sombra?" ("shadow" who is it?) Subsequently, the name "Skycoder" players on the Battle made a mysterious post: a piece of Spanish information into a mess of text, and then formed a skeleton head…… Everything seems to be relevant and death (black). Players will soon find that this post is actually a countdown timer, pointing to 1:20 this morning. After the countdown, the text has become a code composed of skull and bones, and then gives a new clue, momentincrime". In September last year released "watch pioneer" also appeared short description of the word: this code is sent to the video description mentioned in the amomentincrime site, the other is a piece of code: "watch" pioneer summer activity can be described as "one flat, one after another: first" competition "(Competitive Play) mode on the line, and then to the Olympic launch Limited" treasure box "(Loot boxes), and the" shadow "of the various puzzles and one after another, let the game player are busy awfully. Interested in the game player can visit the following link to get so far on the "dark shadow" all clues: title=Sombra_ARG?相关的主题文章: