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What are the benefits of children playing with children younger than him? Sohu – mother often play with little playmate, beneficial to the growth of children? Some parents think that children should be the same as some playmates play together, so that children can learn more knowledge and skills from the larger body of playmates. Just as the old saying goes, "play chess". Some parents may think that playing with little playmates, their children may suffer from it "buddy, especially by a variety of pet children at home, take care and training than their small children, parents do not think there is much effect on the growth of children, even in a waste of time. But "Hey baby parenting" (WeChat ID:hiangel_cn) does not agree with this view, because the child’s ability is diverse, not only limited to the learning of knowledge and skills to master, if only knowledge and skills perspective, some of the playmates should promote the growth of children. For example, an older children with Buddy playing on the slide, playing with blocks, because of age difference, can guide the small children in the absence of beyond the scope of my ability is too much, for better practice. But if from a social development perspective, play with small partners, more conducive to the growth of children, because he needs to consider some of the demand for children, take care of the child’s emotions, to a certain extent, will help to understand the ideas of others to him better, even more help to become a leader. For example, a good leader, may not necessarily than subordinates have excellent knowledge and skills, but there are more broad vision and mind, because he needs to plan the design work from a higher level, need to understand the subordinate desires and needs, and to better stimulate the power of his work. Also, it will take care of a buddy child, often training this ability to interact with the buddy, in the future the school life and social intercourse, he could be more popular; on the contrary, those selfish and inconsiderate idea for a child, the future may become more selfish, more isolated. Different from the law of the development of Piaget focus on children’s cognitive Vygotsky, more attention to the social aspects of development and learning, he believes that the interaction depends on the development of children’s cognition and others. According to his theory of "the zone of proximal development", the greater the area of the child’s recent development zone, the greater progress will be made. Similarly, if the child’s social communication ability, the recent development zone, the greater his ability to improve faster. But "Hey baby parenting" (WeChat ID:hiangel_cn) believes that some of the time, only let the children and small partners play is not enough to improve the ability of social communication, as a relatively young age, they also can not think of many issues, kids may also be because of disagreement between the conflict caused. At this time, if there is the experience of parents can give guidance, according to Viggo J Ki’s theory, is to build a "scaffolding", to guide the children along the right direction to solve the contradictions and problems between the students, but not only help them solve problems!相关的主题文章: