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Internet-Marketing The basic function of Digital Marketing .pany is to make it easy to establish web presence of the client by providing a .plete service from initial concepts, discussion and designs through to securing domain name, developing tailored solutions and delivering .prehensive help and support throughout. Also to bring modern, accessible web design, successful e.merce web design and Digital Marketing traffic building using the latest technologies for maximum impact and performance of the website of the client. Digital marketing works best when its integrated with other brand marketing activities. Unfortunately most .panies have separate digital marketing departments and it can be a challenge to integrate them with other brand activities. For example if a brand is planning a special BOGO (buy one get one) promotion the digital marketing people need to be involved so they can determine the best way to spread the word online. The digital marketing budget should reside with the digital marketing team. This includes SEO, online advertising, website upgrades and maintenance and new features. I know a lot of brands have one agency handling all their media but how can you be sure the media is optimized for digital. I have seen some really lousy online ads developed by media agencies that were executing all a brands advertising. What I have seen, and it happens way too often, is that digital marketing is usually a separate group of people who are expected to execute rather than strategize the best way to use digital marketing to meet brand and business objectives. This is a huge liability for any brand. Digital marketing people should always be involved in branding/product plans at the earliest stages. They need to know as much about the brand/product as possible including the why, where, when and how. This will give them time to develop a strategy. Digital marketing people should know as much about your target audience as your market research people. We especially want to know the psychographics and micro segmentation so we can better create digital marketing that is effective. It is Important to remember Never, ever, to let brand people, who arent fully .mitted to Digital Marketing .pany , to dictate digital marketing tactics. Most times they just dont have the in depth knowledge to create a great digital marketing experience for consumers. I still remember one brand person telling me were not content providers. That, to me, shows they dont get it. Hold you digital marketing people accountable. If youre going to create a new digital tool or program ask them how you are going to measure success. By the way one usability study should not be used to make a decision on new tools or features of your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: