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UnCategorized A survival knife is such equipment that can be of great help depending on its circumstances, size, construction and use. It can bail out people from the most impossible situations. When you are spending some time outdoor, there may be many emergency situations which you have to face. Since the fittest survive, you need to equip yourself with certain things that are useful in many ways and yet fit into your costume while taking up a very small space. But what is the best survival knife? To know this, we will have to conduct a research of the different types of them available and how each can help. Fixed Blade vs Folding Blade A survival knife exists in both styles: fixed blade and folding blade. Fixed blades can be a real pain in the neck while moving about in the wilderness. Not only does it take up a lot of space but it also causes considerable dis.fort to the carrier. But the fixed blade does have a point in its favor. It is certainly sturdier than the folding variety. Folding knives are of course very easy to carry. To be really helpful in surviving in adverse conditions, you need to have a really big knife. A smaller size may be helpful for other purposes like hunting and for keeping as a souvenir, but camping in the forest requires something better. When you learn about survival tips, you must make sure that you learn the subtleties of using a big knife well. Blade Finish Out of the different types of blade finishes, the most .mon ones are black, stainless steel and powder coated. If you want to keep off the glare of sunlight, then black is the best choice. But the coating does wear out with use. At the same time, the powder coated and stainless steel ones are good as they don’t rust easily. A blade with a good finish will ensure that it can go through cracking, chipping and rusting when in constant use. So when you ask yourself, "What is the best survival knife?" you will certainly think of the blade finish being very significant when carrying it in the wilderness. Handle of Survival Knives When going gets rough and you encounter really trying conditions like a sudden downpour, it helps to have a rubberized handle for the knife. It certainly strengthens your grip. You can leave the exotic wooden handles and the ones made from bone and horn for a knife enthusiast to add to his collectibles. Some really good quality knives have a .plete steel body as well as handle. This will help the knife to sustain pressure and not break even when it is under great pressure. But if you go through experience-proven survival tips, then they will certainly advise you to use a knife with a hollow handle so that you can use it for various purposes. Shape of The Blade This is a very important aspect which every person has to consider when buying a survival knife. Many are in favor of a drop point knife which is really useful in more ways than one. A sharp curve characterizes the blade. It can weather any adverse condition and can be used for slicing, hacking and stabbing. It rarely ever falls prey to cracking and chipping. A Bowie knife is a favorite with the hunters but is of not much use in survival tactics. In fact, nothing can match the versatility of the drop point knife. Price Of The Knife There may be many other features which dominate a really good knife meant for survival. But the answer to the question, "What is the best survival knife?" could also begin with your budget. A knife costing around $30-$50 may be good enough for your needs. And so long as it serves the purpose of being an ardent partner in times of adversity outdoor, it should be just the right survival knife for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: