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Home-Improvement There have been plenty of proposals when it .es to granting businessmen permission to decorate city water tanks with their .panies’ billboard like advertisements. Ideally meant for tap and sprinkler systems, these tanks have been around since the eighties. Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York are only some of the cities that have experienced the expertise of two family owned .panies when it .es to these tank installations. Being in the business for so long, they decided that it was about time to up the ante a bit. Here is where the old and the new of New York City can be shown. Basically, they are looking for attention from the people. There needs to be an increased amount of effort for these tanks to be noticed. It will take time before people will start paying attention to these tanks the chief of operations for the New York City Fire Department said. During the year 1890 was when one of the .panies that installed these tanks got started in the trade. There is a father and son team that is managing this .pany which is now earning millions when it .es to their yearly revenues. The son, who monitors the day to day operation of his family .pany, spends his days scurrying around the city checking on various jobs. In the case of these tanks, they are very handy especially when it .es to those least expected situations. Water can always be provided to you by these tanks even without any electrical power and this was something that was really helpful when there was a massive power outage in the city some years ago. In the case of these tanks, they have helped firemen out on a number of occasions. The water that ends up in these cylinders actually .es from the underground pipes of the city. Another benefit of those tanks is that they work like a glass of water with a straw protruding from one side and another leading through the bottom. Every building utilizes a standpipe system and this is what one of the straws is for. If you reach a low water level then the electric sensor would detect it and then it will automatically be refilled. In terms of temperature control, what you want when it .es to this is a tank that is made out of wood. The son, who is a trained engineer, said that three inches of wood has the same insulation capacity as 30 inches of concrete. These wooden tanks can go as long as five years and even more without having to be painted and this is a good thing for the city government and another good thing is the fact that these only need cleaning once every year. For the tanks, normal sizes can go from 3,500 gallons to 50,000 gallons. You need about $25,000 when it .es to a 10,000 gallon tank. You need staves or wooden panels as well as galvanized iron hoops for this particular tank and to make a seal that is perfect, you simply need to get some water and fill the tank with it because as the water hits the wood, the wood expands. When someone needs clean water then these tanks will be of service. It was inevitable for housing projects to cover up some tanks. These can be seen atop numerous buildings in the city. In this case, it is the best way to advertise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: