Where did all the money go Behind Jia Yueting internal letter as the capital of suspicion ratatouille

Where did all the money go? Behind Jia Yueting internal letter as the capital of suspicion as the holding CEO Jia Yueting of Sina Technology Li Xu policy side of November 6th, LETV holding CEO Jia Yueting released an internal staff letter, because of the fast pace of reflection led to the lack of funds, announced to stop money expansion. This ended the week’s continuing funding strand breaks rumors. November 2nd, music, as the last sub ecological plate – music as the official appearance of finance. But on the same day, LETV shares Dikaidizou, after closing down to 41.01 yuan, a decrease of 7.49%, the total market value of the company has sharply nearly 6 billion 600 million yuan. From the music network in June 3rd after the resumption of the highest point of 60.98 yuan, up to now, $41.01, LETV has fallen nearly 30%. In this regard, it was speculated that this may not be able to PPT, music, as well as a line of three will be issued a formal license does not have, there are people who said, as the financial story is not good, the capital market does not pay". These assumptions are derived from the market as a result of the new layout of the music as the ecological environment of the new business, that is, a high specification of the conference, a good story complemented by elaborate PPT." But this time, the sound of more money as a chain of music problems. Funding strand breaks frequent news about capital chain problems often came the news, but as the official initiative to admit this is the first time. Recently, a variety of music as the capital chain problems that had LETV on the morning of November 3rd issued a "false rumors about the recent response," said the business line and the company’s suppliers are to maintain good relations of cooperation, business operation, does not exist in the huge amount of. But in the afternoon of the 3 day, the media exposed for LETV did not pay for the goods, resulting in thousands of supplier factories, suppliers, employees rioted in the music building before pulling banners. United States time on October 19th, as the music held in San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, the United States and the world of broken anti sharing ecological world conference, said it was the most expensive since its inception. But after the uproar of the conference, the music is coming from the United States as a result of investment in the automotive plant by the threat of shutdown. In this regard, depending on the music side responded that, Faraday Future and Aecom partnership firm, will jointly establish a factory. This response has also been the industry as the arrears are on the road". In addition, the end of last month LETV also announced cooperation with Beijing Guoan rupture. According to industry analysts, with music as one of the reasons that funds Guoan part company each going his own way. In January 2016, the National Security Council and the Beijing sports LETV announced strategic cooperation, LETV sports invested 2 billion yuan in two years, 50% of the shares held by the League Guoan, registration deadline, temporarily to 50 million yuan sponsorship fee title of national security. In July this year, according to the "football" reports, LETV only paid 50 million of the money for the country, while the previous 1 billion equity transfer payments do not have accounted for the signs, which also led to the national security cannot sign big foreign aid in the summer window, only the introduction of Uzbekistan.相关的主题文章: