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Who is the protagonist of the circle of friends? Sohu car circle of friends cup long holiday photography contest is coming to an end, all kinds of Music Festival to become the main players, who is the protagonist? As the largest in the world music themed music festival, Chevrolet 2016 World Music Festival with the unique style of music, the highest specifications of the lineup, the most extensive venue, successfully dominate the circle of friends! In the Chevrolet World Music Festival, there are 25 groups of top performing artists and music groups from 18 countries and regions, in Shanghai, Wuhan, multiple stage Chongqing, Foshan, from September 24th opening date, there have been 64 field styles of wonderful performances, with a rich, vast, Zhizhirenxin music brings a unique experience to the extraordinary buddies. Shanghai Hongqiao world scene photos from Live+ Wuhan world scene song master Tuvan throat band soul singer AysenurKolivar Alash black photos from Purbayan Quartet RagaRagini Purbayan heavy performers India Sitar Quartet RagaRagini core Live+ MirianMendez Piano Trio flamenco Princess Prince Zhang Jun of India opera sitaar said in an interview: "it is an honor was invited to participate in the Chevrolet 2016 Chinese World Music Festival, we are very pleased to India music to show a China through this platform, let everyone know is not the same as India." In the center of Hongqiao garden show, this music festival another blockbuster guests — the sixth generation of Chevrolet Ke Mailuo also went to the scene, causing screaming orgasm! The legendary sports car komaro to full strength and dynamic appearance design, with excellent performance and advanced technology, to be modified for the music festival custom, loaded with professional sound recording and reproducing apparatus, as the embodiment of "Chevrolet mobile music studio, performing arts and Music Festival caused the audience screaming! We are to seize this rare opportunity to compete and hornet intimate photo. "The legend of the sixth generation of Chevrolet performance cars" Ke Mailuo mobile music studio artist Dai Xiaojun to sing challenge ranks, and warmly and hornet original photo in the world can be used for brewing, the pace to connect, can be used to taste experience, can also be used to listen to music perception. The world of music and unique on this planet is vast, many magnificent cultural songs of life. Chevrolet as a dream practitioner, this will be the top works of music in the world to you, it is because with world music freedom, diversity, vitality, creativity characteristics have agree without prior without previous consultation. Chevrolet 2016 World Music Festival Creative Director Yang Guanglei said that in the Chevrolet "like-minded" partners, will be dedicated to world music artists and works more and more excellent introduction China, we bring the world’s leading art experience. Learn more about SAIC GM相关的主题文章: