Why is it that all errors are the fault of the product manager viper12a

Why are all wrong, the wrong product manager? – Sohu technology leadership question, always missing function, a simple task is always wrong, whenever we think there is no problem, when it ‘s OK, will be found "deadly" problem. It’s just because you don’t have, or lose the peace of mind". Do you know such a truth? CEO only 1, the product director can have 2, the product manager is the 5, the product leader may have 10, and the product manager has 20. So, most of the product manager, is often the product of the trend does not have the right to make decisions, you only have the right to recommend. This leads to two phenomena: the first phenomenon: I discuss the direction with you, you have the direction, and I did not draw the prototype, so you continue to raise wages, I continue to beg along the street. Second phenomena: complaining the "wrong" strategy, feel underappreciated, ability is not the stage, so you need not write the document. The wave of entrepreneurship, there has been a lot of talk about success, I only introduce you to two, one of products that are very persistent, rely on the product gained great reputation, the idea of success turned out to do business, another is to promote entrepreneurship and creative team, investment is investment team, eventually becoming the idea enterprise. Not wrong, in fact, in the current environment, more and more difficult to see "products" and also need you emphasize that the angel round after the basic bid farewell to the "products era" is to see more business philosophy, there will be more team management so that you and the other people debate for a long time the demand is not really important, hurt your glass heart needs repeatedly also is not really important. Function is not important and not important not important function, no important function, this is like a simple sex parameter, when needed, there is a problem, he became an important. What I want to tell you is that all the functions that you are responsible for are equally important to you, and the functions that other people are responsible for are secondary to you. It seems that we are selfish, is we do not pay attention to team work, in fact, we are responsible for their own things well, is our partner for the team and the most basic respect, followed by the cooperation between the team. I can not always recognized such members, although he is keen to help others, but not their own work in mind, eventually, will inevitably lead to more and more people pay more cost, to help him make up for the vacancy. When we do our duty, we have done the greatest and most appropriate contribution to the team. Do you really have the responsibility to do a good job? Not necessarily, maybe we’ll just do it well. Most of the time, we will be very envious of the core business colleagues, feel to do the core can reflect their talent and value. Many times, we will be very dissatisfied with the higher.相关的主题文章: