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Exercise As the first of the dual action stationary bikes, the Schwinn Airdyne bikes set the standard. Other similar bikes have followed but the Schwinn still remains popular though little changed from the original design. That is so for several possible reasons explained if you will read on. My experience with the Airdynes covers about twenty years so I go in early but not right at the start of these machines. It’s more than just mindless pedaling along on a typical fitness bike. You get to stay busy working both your arms and legs too. Actually, it’s more even than that. Just about all your muscles get into the act as you pedal and pump. Even just the balancing required from the actions of upper and lower body parts makes for a more even sort of workout. If you want to for a variation, just pump with your legs. Trying pumping with your arms for a change of pace. Dual action exercise bikes make for some interesting variation that fights back boredom. Then again, the standard motion is composed of a rhythm motion that makes it easy to continue which will produce results. It’s a stable platform for hard pedaling and pumping Hard use won’t harm it. These things are in gyms and fitness centers all over the place. They stand up to hard use. The heavy weight makes for a stable platform. That makes for a ride that calls out for hard work, the kind that produces fitness gains and fat losses. Lesser bikes that sway and rock certainly do not encourage hard pedaling, quite the opposite in fact. A tough bike that’s a stable platform makes for more aggressive riding and quicker results. The AirDyne is perfect for interval workouts, since it’s so easy to mix it up. Increasing and decreasing the pace makes for a better result. This bike is perfect for that. The faster you go, the faster that big fan turns. The faster it turns, the higher the resistance. It just challenges you to see what you can do or you can just loaf along and get a workout too. Varying the tempo of work means you can burn more energy in a shorter time and make gains faster. That variation, faster and slower, defines an interval workout and makes for real improvement. It’s very simple to get started unlike some machines that require quite a lot of skill to get going. Most anybody can use an Airdyne bike as there is little skill required to just pedal and pump away. What’s more, it works well even for people who are injured which is one reason it is found in rehabilitation settings quite often. In addition, since the bikes include few electronic gadgets, there is little to learn to operate it and little to go wrong as well. With many modern stationary bikes, the electronics is almost the key component of the bikes. Failure of electronics makes for a maintenance headache. Comfortable seating is included. Not like a recumbent bike in the seating arrangement, the design suits some better anyway. That gets you a big cushion seat. My bike seat still looks like new too even after years of use. The seating makes for a ride more like a road bike but with a wider cushioned seat to serve as a pad to eliminate pain and suffering. You get air cooled. The fan makes a lot of noise. This machine is not quiet. It’s noisy, but it’s just wind noise, not clanking and rattling. All that fan turning really kicks up a breeze which is especially good when you get a sweat going. Another option is the Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp that features a smaller quieter fan and a belt drive that also cuts the noise too. The only one you will ever need is the first one you get. The bike you buy will probably be the only one you need. The bike is simple and rugged and built to last. The classic Schwinn Airdyne makes for a simple workout machine. Not the least expensive of the many options in stationary bikes, it does make for value. That’s partly because it just works and keeps on working. It is not likely that you will ever need a second exercise bike unless you just want something different. It’s built to work hard and to do it for a long time too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: