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Internet-and-Business-Online If you are browsing web from a long time some of you have already triggered what is Google Adsense all about while some of them dont know what is Google Adsense. Now The question arises:- Is it good choice to place an Adsense banner on your site? The answer is surely yes. Earnings will totally depend on the clicks you will get. While in case of affiliate marketing the visitor has to purchase anything to get some amount of money depending on the affiliate product. But thats not the only reason to put Adsense ads. There are hundreds of affiliate marketers who are making more than 10,000$ alone by using Adsense. The earnings is decided on pay per click as well as your ad placement. There are many peoples who likes only using text ads while some like eye catchy flash banners. Your ad placement must be good if you expect good earnings from the Adsense. Ad placement plays a very healthy role in Adsense earning. Suppose if you have put some banners at the end of your webpage then no one will click your ads while if you have placed your ads at the top left corner then people tend to read your ads more and you will get more clicks resulting in more amount of money. This ad placement is very common. Like wise you can do experiments with your website which ad placement is good for your website. Different ad placement works with different people. You have to experiment which one works for you. It is free to join Adsense platform. Anyone can join. One more reason you can see while joining Adsense is that there are more than 150,000 users available to advertise their product by using Google ad words. Adsense is for publishers while Google ad words is for advertisers to advertise their business. If there are more advertisers available for the same keyword to advertise then it usually tend to have a larger CPC or cost per click and vice versa. This means if the competition is more then it results in greater CPC or cost per click. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: