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Real Madrid officially announced the renewal with C Ronaldo to Real Madrid with Bernabeu in 2021 is expected to end up C Ronaldo renewal Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 7th morning news, Real Madrid officially announced and star C Ronaldo to complete the contract with the Milky Way Portuguese warship signed a 5 year contract period to the New Testament, 2021. Real Madrid wrote on its official website that the club will hold a signing ceremony for Cristiano – Bernabeu in the presidential box at 1:30 p.m. on Monday in the city of victoria. Real Madrid president Florentino and C Luo after I reached an agreement, the Portuguese striker’s contract will be extended to June 2021. Real Madrid officials announced the news C Ronaldo in the summer of 2009 to record 94 million euros transfer fee to join Bernabeu, and quickly became the core of the team. The outstanding performance helped Real Madrid win 8 trophies, including 2 Champions League titles, 1 league titles, 2 King’s cup, 2 European Super Cup and 1 World Cup champion. In the 360 game against Real Madrid, C Ronaldo scored 371 goals, averaging more than 1 goals, excellent performance so that he twice won the Golden Globe award. C Ronaldo last season with Real Madrid won the eleventh Champions League history, in this summer’s European Cup, Portuguese superstar performance is still good, is the hero of the team can win for the first time in history to get. C Ronaldo has also been successfully selected for the 2016 Golden Globe Award of the year 30 and the list of the world’s top 23 players. This season, the Real Madrid star played 12 times on behalf of the club, scored 7 goals and had 5 assists. It is worth mentioning that the 31 year old Luo C travel end of this contract has reached the age of 36, when the Portuguese superstar will probably hang up his boots at Bernabeu, and this is the Real Madrid star dream.相关的主题文章: