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If it does not, VR is destined to be a farce – Sohu science and technology Lei Feng network note: This article released by the network, Deeperblue. Search on Baidu VR winter has 1660000 results. "Capital face: 6 months, VR from the carnival to the bleak" (geeks Park, 09 2016 07 July), "attracted countless capital and entrepreneurs of the VR industry, seems to have entered the winter" (Chinese entrepreneurs, 08 2016 26 July), "VR startups to winter? Listen to how to say a lot of capital! "(the NetEase news, 05 2016 27 July)," be careful quilt! VR will usher in the winter "(Sohu news, 2016 05, 11)…… People still remember the second half of 2015 to the beginning of the VR heat: from entrepreneurs to investors, we all have unlimited enthusiasm and hope for VR. From the birth to computer background VR people really unusual: they are spotted this "hot spot", out of a large company, head in the VR industry. The lack of quality targets, key technology nodes far from breakthrough, VR as a babbling baby, still in its infancy, far from mature. The VR winter has come, as before the bubble is reasonably be broken. One of the key technology nodes is the spatial audio technology. Today, people prefer to call it 3D audio. Apple Music and VR studio Vrse teamed up for the U2 band produced a VR music video "Song for Someone". Figure MV fragment in U2 stadium in Toronto empty concert. Just as the famous VR Jaunt audio production company chief engineer Adam · (Adam Somers); sang Mo said: "(on top of this VR thing), auditory accounted for 50%, accounting for the remaining 50% vision." Hearing determines the location of the human body, the perception of the object distance, etc.. The vision gives a clue, and the sense of hearing is to confirm whether it is true or not. If the visual immersion, then the truth of all the pictures all gone. Without solving the problem of hearing, virtual reality can not be a virtual reality. It can be said that 3D audio decided we talking about the VR era is coming true. First of all, what about 3D audio audio 3D? In simple terms, 3D audio is the most realistic simulation of the sound technology, so that the audience can be completely restored to the field similar to the sound field. A similar name and Immersive Audio (panoramic sound scheme, immersive audio). You can listen to the "real" sound, not the realism. Currently the world’s most mature space audio system.相关的主题文章: