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Would you like to change? PS4 Slim we have learned ten things PS4 Slim will probably be the worst kept secret history of a host, because SONY has not officially announced, now the Internet has run out of the box, from the film, even the host parameters have been exposed. But I believe that many game player is not a complete understanding now exposed, now Xiaobian take you to understand the full range of the new host. About PS4 Slim has been exposed to ten things 1.PS4 Slim host shape? From the overall area, it is only a little bit smaller than the ordinary version of the PS4, but compared to the original model, it really thin a lot. It removed the old version of the PS4 panel split line, into a whole. In addition to the side and the top of the PS Logo, the new models are covered with scrub. PS4 Slim host appearance 2.PS4 Slim what’s in the box? The front of the packaging box shows a PS4 Slim host and improved version of the handle, the background is white, looks very harmonious and clean. The bottom is a wavy blue pattern with a PS – shaped handle button. A host, a handle, a wired headset, power line, HDMI line in the packing box and a handle and used to synchronize the charging handle USB line. PS4 Slim package contents 3.PS4 Slim compatible with PlayStation VR? Yes, the back of the PS4 Slim package obviously showed that this host is compatible with PlayStation VR, and the first edition of the PS4. But remember that you need a PS4 camera (insert it into the back of the "AUX") to use PS VR. What is the difference between the PS4 Slim 4.PS4 and the improved Slim handle? The new DualShock PS4 Slim 4 handle may at first glance and the old version of the handle but in fact it is as like as two peas, there are some small improvements. First of all, the touch panel handle more than a transparent, light bar when the handle is illuminated, its light will shine in the transparent strip, and then through the transparent touch panel on a game player can know the working state of the light bar. In addition, the handle of the joystick, and cross key button color seems to be more close to the PlayStation classic black, not black. The embedded Cross Keys and buttons of the disc panel is also the same as the old handle sandblasting. PS4 Slim equipped with the new version of the PS4 handle 5 PS4 Slim at the bottom of those symbols are what? Electrical products are usually placed some small rubber pads at the bottom, so that when you put them on the shelf or table, don’t slip. SONY is very clever to handle their keys on the cute icon into the rubber pad PS4 Slim, circle, cross, triangle and square, how? Does it look like a creative idea? S PS4.相关的主题文章: