Wulong car barge rollover no casualties, the team is working to develop fishing plan-masa-c

Wulong a car rollover barge no casualties expert team is making salvage plan 19, about 8:30 in the morning, Chongqing Wulong Whitehorse Wujiang dock, a ship carrying two cars barge bound tanker, the rollover occurred in the pier on the north shore of the shore, two water tankers. Fortunately, both tanker drivers and crew escape, no casualties, rescue work is still in progress. According to the Chongqing Municipal Port Management Bureau of the relevant person in charge, only for Pengshui ships capsized side "vehicle ferry No. 508, rollover place for Wulong County Horse pier on the north shore of the shore. The ship capsized is located in the river, not in the main channel, therefore, there is no impact on the navigation on the river. After the accident, did not fly, has not implemented the navigation control. The responsible person said, after some oil spill over the side, making some oil on the river. After the incident, Wulong water emergency rescue center staff have been driving the boats with booms and other equipment to the scene, is to prevent oil spill disposal. According to reports, the wreck location has been implemented. The responsible person said, the emergency plan expert team of Chongqing City Port Management Bureau is developing a salvage plan, do further research. Heavy equipment salvage ship has been from the city to the scene of the accident, is expected to 18 PM arrived. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation.

武隆一车驳船侧翻无人员伤亡 专家队正制定打捞方案19日上午8时30分左右,重庆武隆白马乌江码头,一艘车驳船捆绑装载着两辆罐车,在该码头北岸岸边发生侧翻,两罐车落水。好在两名罐车司机和三名船员已逃生,无人员伤亡,目前救援工作仍在进行中。据重庆市港航管理局相关负责人介绍,侧翻船只为彭水籍船舶“车渡508”号,侧翻地点为武隆县白马码头北岸岸边。由于船只翻沉地点位于江边,没有在主航道,因此,对江上的通航没有造成影响。事故发生后,没有实施禁航,也没有实行通航管制。该负责人表示,船侧翻后有些溢油,使得江面上有些油污。事发后,武隆水上应急救援中心工作人员已驾着冲锋舟,带着围油栏等设备赶赴现场,正在进行防止溢油扩散的处置。据介绍,目前沉船已实施定位。该负责人表示,重庆市港航管理局的应急预案专家队正在制定打捞方案,做进一步研究。重型装备打捞船已从主城区开赴事故现场,预计18时许赶到。目前,事故原因正在调查中。相关的主题文章: