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Xinjiang "Hami" postal plane inaugural Beijing Guangdong – in the early morning of September 13th, the staff of distribution of Hami melon. Chen Ji? Photo Beijing, Shenzhen, September 13 (Suo Youwei Chen Ji?) 13 am, a flight from Xinjiang to Hami Airport sail, carrying the "dense" Hami ancient "dense" jujube, Hami tribute melon "Hami" postal plane arrived at Shenzhen airport, in the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the Guangdong Hong Kong consumers send fresh melon jujube in Xinjiang. According to reports, the "Hami" postal plane carrying a total of 5 tons of "picking the dense" Hami ancient jujube, 10 tons of fine late "secret" tribute melon. The transport plane arrived in Guangdong, then enter the postal delivery system, Guangdong consumers can eat food from Xinjiang Hami jujube, Hami day. "Hami," the inaugural Guangdong, Hami Hami jujube, to Hong Kong and Macao highway transportation form into the consumer market, to Shenzhen in about 9 days, in order to avoid bad loss, fruit maturity in about 7 mature to transport, influence consumers experience. The city of Hami for the first time in cooperation with Chinese Postal Airlines, Xinjiang post company, the opening of agricultural and sideline products shipping plane, build a complete online + offline, air + "three-dimensional marketing model, consumers in the online booking, by plane transport and postal delivery, 24 hours will be received from Xinjiang mature the highest degree of Hami jujube and melon. It is reported that the plane transported 5 tons per kilogram of fresh jujube jujube of Hami ancient Guangdong distribution price of 30 yuan, per kilogram of dry delivery price of 50 yuan more than 10 tons of late maturing melon single fruit price 98 yuan fine. Deputy general manager of Xinjiang postal company Abudouxiku Mohammad said that through the post? Plane of the new marketing model, the jujube people mu income up to 4500 yuan, per capita income above 1000 yuan, the average income per mu watermelon million yuan, compared with the previous year revenue doubled. (end)相关的主题文章: