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Ye Peijian: Chinese space technology cooperation can be expanded — science and technology — original title from four aspects: the Chinese space technology cooperation deployable technology daily Beijing on 6 September, from four (reporter Li Zhao) China chang e project director and chief designer Ye Peijian, said on the 6 day in the international economic development research center of the State Council of the academy forum speech, specifically from four aspects of space technology cooperation with foreign Chinese. Ye Peijian said in an interview with the audience, the space exploration is for the well-being of all mankind in the future, but there are still some space powers to carry out technical cooperation with China there are many doubts. Nevertheless, China still hopes to carry out cooperation with foreign aerospace technology. With the continuous breakthroughs in space technology and the emergence of new achievements, China and foreign aerospace technology can be carried out from four aspects: first, task level cooperation. For example, foreign countries like to explore the back of the moon, China’s relay satellites can provide technical services. Two is equipped with foreign scientific instruments. If you want to launch the chang e four satellite will be equipped with Holland’s low frequency radio spectrum, landing on the back of the moon, the data obtained can be shared between the two countries. Three is the ground support cooperation. For example, chang e one satellite, China has worked with the relevant departments of the European Space Agency, the direct use of foreign measurement and control stations for satellite measurement and control. Four is space based research. For example, in the navigation cooperation, you can consider a joint study of the moon on the location of objects and other research issues. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: