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Yoga is very good, you do not practice – the first contact with the mother and child yoga Sohu. Time to go to work in a travel agency, the daily work is to tour guides, scenic spots, hotels, local reception agency communication connection, but also swept the accident occurred tourists during the parade, one day down the phone frequency, I could not remember, sometimes in the middle of the night and even received a fight over the weekend there will guide telephone, query processing scheme. Mobile phone ringtones, a week for a bestie, said this is my phone phobia, I think 80% is. At that time the mood is extremely irritable. Each passing the bakery or dessert restaurants, is very envious, working in music, but also very busy, at least not to disturb the phone. At that time, I think that as long as there is no phone work, are comfortable) later, the company opened a small downstairs yoga hall, instantly awakened my passion. In the first week of my career, I dragged three colleagues to go to the class with me. Try to leave the class after class, I am a person, the other two colleagues feel that the whole body is sore for second days, can not eat. Such a practice, adhere to a year. In addition to the weekend, almost every evening I went to practice. Perhaps because too worry about work during the day, so enjoy this special hour bring relaxation. Like the movement of each joint of the body, the flow of blood in the body subtle feeling; like the body after the twist, through the skin oozing slightly sweat feeling; like deep breathing, bring a sense of relaxation. A lot of friends know that I am practicing yoga, to ask me, yoga really can not eat or drink for three days? Yoga can really lose weight? Yoga really can whitening it? Every time I hear these nonsensical questions, I can not wait to turn an eye to her. My yoga instructor said, on the market we heard various names such as: yoga, hatha yoga, yoga, yoga mantra… Is actually a kind of yoga, but fitness organization in order to attract the public eye, in order to make a profit, so divided into yoga, yoga and so on many health promotion are demonized. Yoga is a lot of factions, but not among them, is self-cultivation. However, I try to go with two colleagues in class, I see the practice after half a year, the overall look a lot better, they returned to Pidianpidian yoga class. Why look good, my personal understanding may be that body has remained in the metabolic environment, good exercise every day, the body of toxins, go through sweat excretion so good natural skin. Do you want me to say clearly inside reason, I can’t explain, after all, yoga has several thousand years of history, I can not understand the word in two words or three. Even if I say as if it were raining flowers, and how well you do not go to practice, is useless. For the novice to practice yoga, you may have the following question, my answer is: (difficulty or not, it is the key to practice meditation) recommend a video I love, Mohan Yoga (exercise 1 hours, can search for "Mohan yoga"). —-a相关的主题文章: