You have to buy some liquid lipstick before lip gloss replaces lipstick! (video) oboni

You have to buy some liquid lipstick before lip gloss replaces lipstick! Fashion COSMO micro signal: cosmo-china lipstick and Lip Glaze which would you choose? Before you may feel Liquid Lip Gloss was sticky and greasy, will become the "killer hair out of the wind". But now with the innovation of technology and all the stars of the highly liquid lipstick has gradually become the world from heresy lipstick carry handle! Liquid liquid lipstick lipstick gradually popular now is no longer limited to a lip gloss, lip Lip Glaze, paint, lip gel what have come out, only you do not think brand invented. Not only that, with the progress of technology, liquid lipstick brush head becomes better operation, radian and width are improved, and even some liquid lipstick brush head is better than solid lipstick. Even if you have a technical update, you can carry the star of Amway? Korean actress sexy lips with super simple makeup brush more beautiful stars are strong Amway liquid lipstick, exactly what good is it? The benefits of liquid lipstick better operation of liquid lipstick brush heads are in line with ergonomic design and there will be radian, so that the brush head can be more fitting lips. Some products also specially designed a small brush head, both upper and lower lips are able to take care of. Especially when the painted lip is also very convenient. Some color lipstick painted mouth color is originally lip color effect, but because of the quality of the liquid lipstick, can have little effect, even some Lip Glaze can be completely cover the original lip color. If your lip color is deep and often partial color, can choose liquid lipstick. Cover the lip lip wrinkles deep girl every time you buy lipstick painted mouth is big, the lipstick feels like withered old witch. But one of the liquid lipstick role is to fill the lip, as long as we don’t have that special fast dry Matte Lip Glaze, the other will make you satisfied with the screaming. Mucosal color lipstick you have a problem must be very common, that is, close to the inner part of the lip is not good color, how tu are not painted, feeling like it is only painted a half mouth. This is the mucous membranes. If you use liquid lipstick this problem can be smoothly done or easily solved. Light color can be perfectly integrated with the pink mucosa, dark color can be directly covered. Makeup lipstick can reach the variety of matte, pearl and other texture liquid lipstick can be achieved, but not up to the light lipstick lip, lip lacquer liquid lipstick can also achieve. And more easily than liquid lipstick lipstick painted lip biting and fuzzy lip makeup, Why not?! The CHANEL recommended Chanel Seal Lip Glaze price: 320 yuan had heard of CHANEL to Lip Glaze, as a fancier small must be a try. The lip sponge is very small, especially when it is painted. Lip Glaze is a mousse like texture, perfectly cover original lip color, lip wrinkles and effectively fill. The real test is a very significant white color 152 Demei red, gas field can be a woman, if not painted painted foundation will become white seconds. Are partial cold red, thick red tone will be more obvious. With the color of the series has been foreign bloggers brush burst, I do not know when you intend to hesitate to buy? 3 Y.相关的主题文章: