Yunnan West to East power accumulated over 500 billion kwh over 7 as a new clean energy in the netwo-barcarolle

Yunnan West to East power accumulated over 500 billion kwh over 7 to become the new network of clean energy – in the original title: Yunnan West to East power cumulative breakthrough 500 billion kwh of clean energy accounted for over 70% in August 30 Kunming news agency Xinhua (Ma Sha Hu Bin) Yunnan Power Grid Co issued 30, from 1993 through the first 220 thousand kV line to send Guangdong electricity, as of August 9, 2016, Yunnan gingral accumulated electricity exceeded 500 billion kwh to 500 billion 400 million kwh, of which about 75% of hydropower and other clean energy. Yunnan is a large hydro, solar energy and other resources Chinese, but economic underdevelopment, the eastern coastal provinces of Guangdong economy developed, and the relative lack of energy, power transmission from west to East has become the inevitable choice. In August 3, 1993, Yunnan province by 220 thousand volts of Lubuge — Tianshengqiao transmission line, opened Yunnan gingral first send. In 2000, the country launched the western development plan, gingral national strategy. By the end of 2001, the "power province" in Yunnan Province, the electric power industry developed into a pillar of the tobacco and after the rapid development of electric power industry. According to statistics, from 2006 to 2015, the province’s hydropower development into the golden age, the Yunnan power grid from 10 million kilowatts in 2006, the development of the current nearly 80 million kilowatts. The rapid growth of installed power to speed up the delivery channel construction, the Yunnan Power Grid Co actively promote the construction of transmission channel from west to East, West to East power, electric power capacity increase, electric power capacity from 2010 9 million 300 thousand kilowatts up to 25 million 200 thousand kilowatts, an increase of 2.7 times, accounting for the total size of South China Power Grid 59%. In July 1st this year, Yunnan power grid and China Southern Power Grid to achieve full asynchronous networking, will be the original "four four AC DC power transmission" main channel upgrade to 7 large direct channel, greatly enhanced the electric power capacity, promote the quality of Yunnan hydropower consumptive in Guangdong, Guangxi. At present, Yunnan accounted for the South China power grid, electricity has exceeded 60%. Yunnan Power Grid Co said, "13th Five-Year" period, the company will build 800 thousand volt ± send Northwest Yunnan Guangdong UHVDC project, the expansion of ± 500 thousand Fuluxi back-to-back DC asynchronous interconnection project two, the new power transmission capacity of 6 million kilowatts, Yunnan West East electricity transmission capacity will be increased to 31 million 200 thousand kw. (end)相关的主题文章: