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[Z]: remember the meal this winter is not cold, warm your heart – Flame drunk goose and goose is the first Sohu drunk, see tongue team to build "Shunde" will, let me eye-opening delicacy in Shunde! Shunde cuisine, the wind in the Qin and Han Dynasties, conceived in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the formation and the Ming Dynasty, flourished in the Qing Dynasty, the heyday of the Republic of China, brilliant in the moment. "Eating in Guangzhou, Fengcheng (Shunde Daliang kitchen nickname)," Shunde delicacy after the inheritance for thousands of years of improvement, the formation of the artistic style is to become an independent school, was awarded UNESCO’s "Shunde world delicacy are in the title, in the pig miscellaneous chicken, red bean porridge, sauna kudzu dace fish soup. Is the embodiment of the humanities and the precipitation in Shunde, one of the most special one is drunk the goose, the traditional ancient cooking long known that sharp blue flame deeply put me into! A shop for more than ten years sell this dish, Shunde VIP reception which is the most important dish, the former represents the artisan spirit and strict in demands inheritance significance, the latter represents the respect and love of the people of Shunde on this delicacy, especially the drunk goose, representing the people of Shunde to the traditional the feelings of falling intact!…… Because of this kind of memory, so when I learned that Hefei has recently opened a drunk goose shop, I am very interested in the recommendation of the tip of the tongue in the end how delicious food, we must find out what! [note] the fire element diet can finally eat goose drunk, so the traditional classic Shunde famous dish at home, the whole shop style is simple and elegant, scattered lanterns carved lattice, eight immortals table in the middle of a great hero, ready!…… Speak, a pot of geese came up, this is a goose of weight, if people can choose only half can! Store the goose from Feixi Zipeng Mountain farmers in the vicinity of backyard varieties, and the growth period of about 70 days, and has a solid chunk of meat, stewed 5 mature, and has been with the secret sauce pickled, then, is the scene of the show time……. Peanut oil into the pot, add garlic and ginger until fragrant, add the marinated goose block early stir fry seven mature, into the secret sauce, and then poured a bottle of ice jade burning, that is a bottle of water, and without a trace…… This dish is the soul of the jade ice burning, a hundred years of the Qing Imperial heritage show he was the first to think of the words "ability and cleverness, the aging process of pork, pork dipped after soaking sparkling pure-hearted, origin of the so-called" jade ice "! The impurity adsorption of alcohol in the pork, soaked in wine and fermented into unique wine, and the wine aging, a Cantonese is the breakfast is essential for food and wine, and the jade ice burn into dishes, the flame is drunk goose Shunde people’s VIP reception ceremony met most high! Then continue to stir fry garlic and seasoning, until all the goose full integration of fragrant……. Cover, ignition, climax place, blue flame around the edge of the pan flying, vivid charm! The fire is not a gimmick, but under the accelerated speed goose rice wine into the fire attack, the alcohol evaporates will only keep wine fragrance, without wine, so we do not worry about drunk driving problem oh! Follow me!相关的主题文章: