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Zaozhuang police cracked the case of large telecommunications fraud advertising fraud brush all over the 12 provinces – China Network accreditation, 1586529× × × ×". For a long time, the streets of the country’s 12 provinces, 112 cities, from the Chinese ink painting rush small ads. Some people call the above phone after being cheated, less a few hundred dollars, and more on the million. Recently, Shandong Zaozhuang police after careful investigation, careful dispatched, successfully destroyed the implementation of fraud to permit the name of large telecommunications network fraud criminal gangs, arrested Zhang law and other members of the gang of 7 people, the crime seized 1 vehicles, 12 mobile phone, mobile phone card 24, 17 bank cards. Zaozhuang City Public Security Bureau Shanting branch secretary Zhou Meicai today told the "Legal Daily" reporter, the gang clear division of labor, is responsible for telephone fraud "operator", is also responsible to take the money "teller", both painted small ads "painting", also supervised the painting "supervisor", the implementation of fraud crime more than 3000 cases, hundreds of people cheated, involving more than 100 yuan. Transfer more than and 10 empty bank card this year the evening of July 1st, Zhang rushed to the local police station Shanting said he had cheated 15500 yuan. In the work of the mine Zhang monthly income of about 4000 yuan, just recently borrowed money to buy a house, the hand was already nervous, was very remorseful and worried after being cheated. It turned out that Zhang’s daughter will go to the first grade, the school would like to ask the parents to provide proof of school district property and 3 consecutive months to pay the bill of utilities. Zhang is worried about this occasion, to see the small side of the road outside the wall to do a small advertising, called the past. The other said two hours will be able to run, sent to send a good person to come after the charge of 100 yuan. Zhang in accordance with the requirements of the other party, identity cards, residence booklet and other materials into the post office at the entrance of the boxes, they can remove these materials by the relationship between the. Two hours later, Zhang received the other side of the phone call, said utilities list more difficult, need 500 yuan to do, but must first pay the transfer. Thus, Zhang came to the bank through the ATM machine to the other 500 yuan. After that, the other party began to ask for money for various reasons: document information into the online system for money, to ensure the safety of the need to send a security deposit, deposit refund directly to the bank card needs to make up the difference…… About six thousand or seven thousand yuan, Zhang suddenly realized that he might be cheated. Zhang reluctantly said: I do not want to transfer, the other immediately threatened that if you do not transfer, I use my ID card to do the loan, I am worried that he used my ID card to do bad things, had to continue to transfer." In the afternoon, Zhang continued to transfer up to more than and 10 times, until the full transfer of the card of $15500. Turn over the money, Zhang really awake. He wants your money back, or call the police. The other said not afraid of the police, he pointed to the "eat", so many years, the police simply can not catch him. Zhang then rushed to the police station, second days相关的主题文章: