Zhang Guotong days short empty Euro dollar-seaway

Zhang Guotong: the days of short Euro dollar yesterday continued to euro rangebound, Ritu close Xiaoyang column. From the graphical point of view, the euro below the 1.1180 strong support, and above the 1.1260 regional pressure is relatively heavy, the whole idea of band extension, main direction still bearish on the euro. Today is September single K-line closing this week k-week closing time, so this interval can Powei is also of concern, in rational terms, 1.1180 failed to break before, once weekly closing high, the euro once again to increase the probability of will, so today, shorting the euro. Today’s operational recommendations: 1.1250 euro area short, stop loss of 1.1300, the target looks at the 1.1180, then look to the region of the 1.1150. Control volume, strict stop loss. National Day vacation next week, the exchange of comments suspended. The United States that shocks are still operating in a small region, yesterday received a small positive column. From the figure, 95.70 above the pressure is still under pressure, and the lower part of the 95.10 regional support is still strong, still short range of shock, the whole band of constant thinking, in 94.50 failed to break before the United States that is still bullish. Conservatives can wait to break into the interval approach to do more. Today’s suggestion: 95.10 regional long beauty, 94.50, look to the 96 target, the successful break and then look to 97.10 and 98.80 regions. Control volume, strict stop loss. After the highest rebound in the 1.3050 area of the pound fell down, in line with expectations on Monday. From the graphical point of view, is still running short Sterling downward trend, but the intensity is too small a downward shock pattern, while the European pound fork dish temporarily in high shock, makes the pound is still relatively independent, there is no differentiation trend of European pounds, but the exchange rate is closer to 1.2880 below the strong support area, operation risk is big, must flexible. The pound is concerned about the top 1.13 areas of strong resistance, below the support of the region of 1.2950 and 1.2920. Gold continues to shock down, the lowest in 1316 areas, yesterday received a small doji. From the graphical point of view, gold after testing 1316 rebound again, but the strength is not great, the whole band market, still tend to reach 1280 or 1264 below the bearish area after long-term bullish big band. But the rational point of view, gold is in the range of 1349-1303 a shock pattern, and in this interval no broken bits, the probability on the upper and lower Po Wei, and if once to break, gold will usher in a direct high new year; if I thought the band Powei down, can use. Today continue to focus on the top 1329 and the top of the resistance area of gold, the probability of continuing downward pressure is relatively large, if today closed at the top of the 1333, then the probability of breaking the interval will increase. Today’s operational recommendations: 1332 area short gold, stop loss of 1338, the target looks at the 1322, look at the region of the 1316, the amount of control positions, strict stop loss. Silver is expected to continue to run down as expected after a slight rebound, closing the Yin column yesterday. From the figure, the top of the 19.30 regional pressure is heavy, regardless from the rhythm or from the K-line form, silver.相关的主题文章: