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Zheng Junying CHEN involved in the storm: idol when the most ex girlfriend? CHEN and his former girlfriend Zheng Junying private photos exposed by the bow and apologize to the information times news (reporter Cai Mujia) once the "boys", now the "negative man", Kim Hyun Joong and former girlfriend of grievances worth out to you love beans (idols) on the blackboard as a textbook. Anti – negative when the most anti – emotional negative, and against women, love beans when the most anti – ex girlfriend? After Kim Hyun Joong, the recent two South Korean actor a traced to intimate photos, into a sexual assault scandal, are actually related with his ex girlfriend. Betrayed by ex girlfriend? Chen and unknown woman’s intimate photos out according to South Korean media reports, South Korean boyband EXO in winter this year another album, return to the music circle, the new album will contain a song in collaboration with Swedish composer of jazz style song, a song with R& and American composer for B style songs. Idol return exciting fans, but members of the Chen was exposed and the woman’s intimate photos, yesterday took the lead in the limelight. In the event source, a popular online EXO member Chen and an unknown woman’s intimate photo, the photo behind the hug, grimace such intimacy together two people showed unusual relationship. Several popular pictures also contains two people call the video screenshot, causing everyone hot. For this group of photos, South Korea, a legal profession, said that if the group of people who publish this photo is not the two person in the photo, his behavior has violated the relevant laws. As of press time reporter, Chen I or SM is not to respond to this statement. There are rumors that the woman in the photo is Chen’s ex girlfriend, and this group of photos should be sent to her online. At present, this group of photos of the posts have been deleted. Accused of being ex girlfriend? Zheng Junying is involved in "sexual harassment" stop making new Han Yu "sexual situation" drama recently continued aggressively. After Park Yu Chun, Li Zhenyu, Uhm Tae Woong, 23, South Korean singer Zheng Junying also traced into sexual disturbance. It is understood that Zheng Junying was in "A female sex crimes prosecution" at the beginning of the year, recently received a local police investigation in Seoul. After the news, Zheng Junying owned brokerage company immediately jumped out of the fire, that Zheng Junying and A female contacts to facts, "private event" for peace. Not against all expectations, the matter has become everyone’s gossip talk, Zheng Junying was accused of videotaping girlfriend was much raise a Babel of criticism of the body. In this regard, Zheng Junying yesterday held a press conference to explain, "the video was shot on both sides agreed on the basis of the report outside the camera shooting video is just not a fact, a joke, did not expect developments. And the woman is not the performing arts circle, the other has submitted a withdrawal, because the situation is serious, so ", and held a press conference at the press conference a few degrees bow. Although Zheng Junying himself on the matter has been clear, but it is still difficult to stop this brings to the image of his impact and influence. It is understood that Zheng Junying was originally scheduled for mid October with a new song.相关的主题文章: