Zhengzhou 24 subway near the house to move fast to see where the tonya mitchell

Zhengzhou 24 subway near the house to look at where the Zhengqian – reporter Wang Lei the Zhengzhou subway construction is accelerating, but part of the house near the subway station to resettlement. This does not, yesterday, the Zhengzhou municipal government issued on the Zhengzhou municipal control node (underground traffic) project moved to work notice, Zhengzhou 24 subway near the house to move. The relevant departments of Zhengzhou municipal government staff said, in order to improve the road network system, to improve traffic conditions, to ease urban traffic congestion, and on the basis of the overall planning of Zhengzhou city comprehensive transportation planning, Zhengzhou municipal government intends to start the Zhengzhou municipal control node (underground traffic engineering).   据介绍,该工程共涉及24个站点,分别是:古树苑站(与2号线二期换乘)、市中心医院站(与5号线换乘)、绿城广场站(与1、9号线换乘)、医学院站(与1、7号线换乘)、郑州火车站(与1号线换乘)、经开中心广场站(与5号线换乘)、桐淮站(与5号线换乘)、嵩淮游园站(与9号线换乘)、古玩城站(与7号线换乘)、京广中路站、苗圃站、二里岗站(与2号线换乘)、魏庄站、燕庄站(与1号线换乘)、姚砦站(与5号线换乘)、同乐站(与3号线换乘)、白庙站(与7号线换乘)、龙湖中环路站(与4号线换乘)、月季公园站(与5号线换乘)、陇海西路站、齐 Li Yan (transfer station and line 5), Zhengzhou people’s Hospital (transfer station and line 5 (Dashiqiao Railway Station), and route 3 interchange station (), sun Ba Zhai and route 5 interchange). In addition, there are 1 open cut interval, interval excavation that Cheng Ping Road station to station Beltway left line. It is understood that the Zhengzhou municipal control node (underground) project planning within the scope of the housing resettlement work is in full swing, then along the District People’s Government (Guan Weihui) will be in accordance with the law in accordance with the relevant provisions of the resettlement compensation, hope the relevant units and residents to pay attention to the message along the next step.相关的主题文章: