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Zhenjiang elderly insurance is mutton "choke" female nurses, first aid the Yangzi Evening News Network November 18th news (reporter correspondent Yan Zhen Zhang Lingfa) 15 evening, Zhenjiang Xin’an village Xinba town 19 years old in the reception when eating mutton choked on a piece of mutton, stuck in the esophagus, stopping breathing, pulse disappeared. Fortunately, the city hospital nurse calm at the scene, rescue a thrilling, old man finally change danger into safety. That night, Zhenjiang Yangzhong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, two nurses calm after work, go to Xin’an village 10 groups attend grandmother 80 birthday banquet. The banquet was about 7:30, a loud noise suddenly sounded outside the yard, vaguely heard someone shouting: "come, the old man was choking!" Just when everyone did not react, cool to see the mother rushed into the house waving her hand: come over to help!" She immediately lay down their hands, walked to the house, I saw the village where the man bent, a finger in his mouth, under someone else’s arm to retch. See this scene, she hurried to the old man standing behind the old arms around the waist, hands Baoquan elderly abdominal compression shock. But due to the old body fat, repeatedly impact no effect, this is already the cool forehead sweating obviously feel the old man legs stiff, not stand. So, she immediately the old man in flat head side side, the old man has been pale purple, carotid pulse disappeared, stopped breathing, the situation is very critical. Calm and quickly ride across the old man, while pressing the old man’s abdomen, while her sister called her sister to clean up the old man’s mouth…… About a minute later, her sister shouted, "come out!" A little fist sized meat taken out from the old population. While the old man is still unconscious, calm can not relax, continue to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the old man finally, the elderly carotid artery beating again, spread in a few faint sigh. When the 120 emergency personnel arrived, the old man has slowly had some awareness, to the hospital emergency room for further treatment, the night has been home. It has been 91 years old this year after what man says, that night he was at a wedding reception to eat a piece of meat, because meat more unable to swallow, but feel shy spit at the table, then went outside the hospital, but this time the meat has been stuck in the esophagus, it was found, the timely rescue, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.相关的主题文章: