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Zhu Qiang hegemony, hit the domestic millet in India, to regain a bureau? According to the investigation on CounterPoint technology – Sohu before the results show that in the third quarter of India mobile phone market is still dominated by Samsung, just China mobile phone brand strong, millet is with 8.1% of the market share occupied the sales charts in second, then is Lenovo, OPPO and Vivo. Prior to this, Lei Jun to day sales break million mobile phone sales big rally, a style and no one can, in the year 3-5 beat Samsung out India market lead determination is also attracted people happy, happy to see. In deliberate propaganda, millet really can believe that the future market in India, Wan Kai Fu Mo remains to be seen. But now China’s smart phone market is becoming increasingly saturated, millet momentum down, its mobile Empire puzzles increasingly messy is an indisputable fact. Therefore, the deployment of India has become the most important breakthrough millet, and even every step will affect the overall development of its future. As the world’s second largest market, India has become a common choice for the global mobile phone manufacturers. The India market share stakes invested in the focus of replication "online mode millet, really Yiqijuechen, swept through India? From the data to see real situation millet in India market in expanding the territory of India on the road, millet want to reproduce Chinese miracle, the strongest opponents face still undisputed samsung. In fact, millet occupy the second position, only refers to the smart phone sales ranking. And the entire mobile phone market in India shipments and sales terms, this ranking is obviously greater moisture. Data show that in the India mobile phone shipments in the market, accounting for 69% of the functional machine, intelligent machine, the proportion of functional machine to the year is only reduced to 65%, the machine is still dominant in India. The comparison of the Chinese market, smart phone shipments accounted for more than 86%, entered the mobile Internet era. While millet flagship price, but there is no one functional machine. At the same time, even if the function of the machine will be converted to intelligent machines in the future, but the decline in the speed of the functional machine market in India is slowing. Market forecast, the realization cycle around the functional machine will be maintained at 3-5. But by the stimulation of profit function machine, Samsung Electronics and India local mobile phone manufacturers began to come back to continue cultivating the functional machine market, which to some extent limit the growth of the smartphone market. In fact, India functional machine is also becoming more intelligent, fully able to meet the needs of the majority of local people on the phone. On the other hand, from the CounterPoint data can be seen in terms of mobile phone shipments, millet advantage is not obvious. All mobile phone shipments in the top five, in addition to Samsung are local mobile phone manufacturers in India, the same as the functional unit shipments. In the smart phone shipments, which is the first time millet squeezed into the top five, ranking even less than lenovo. On the contrary, the Samsung is scorched by the flames in the whirlpool in India as steady as Mount Tai. Whether it is intelligent or functional machine, Samsung firmly occupy the first place, and.相关的主题文章: