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Zong Ning: from the app WiFi to create a super platform for travel by Sohu air group technology recently released a app called from, to create a super platform for Chinese long-distance travel, this is not to brag, because you just download the "return" of this app, we can solve the biggest problem of a user that is traveling. In the long-distance bus and train the WiFi problem. Finally, a sore point for the WiFi industry in 2013 at the age of 360, had a very good WiFi products, this product is 360 to wifi. when he can because it is in the limelight, most places still lack WiFi environment. A few years later, WiFi has become a must in the society, almost all occasions can provide WiFi service, almost all places are covered by the WiFi signal, even covering the city’s WiFi project. It can be said that the WiFi environment has been greatly popular. However, there is still a final opportunity in this area, that is, WiFi coverage of traffic travel. In these, the trip of WiFi services is clearly demand and value are not so big, after all the time is short, but long distance travel of the WiFi service is very important, but the threshold is relatively high, a lot of people want to cut but incapable of action. I often travel in groups, travel time, in fact, I love the high iron is better than the plane, the reason is very simple, because of the high iron although slower, but barely can access, processing and information will not delay the business communication, and the flight will be a lot of trouble, suddenly lost contact for several hours, sometimes miss a lot things, not only that, every time a long flight to download some movies on the plane to pass the boring time. High iron and long-distance car surfing also actually have a lot of problems, because the speed is faster, so the signal will be worse, often because the base station change without fault, experience is still relatively poor, but rather than completely not on the plane, or a lot stronger. So from this point of view, if you can set up WiFi on the train or coach, I believe it will be welcomed by many people. The amount of travel passenger market and the overall layout of the round-trip Chinese is still very great, 2015 China passenger volume reached 22 billion 400 million, more than 2 billion 500 million buses and the railway, there are 19 billion 400 million times, compared to 400 million of the aircraft, the former two apparently much greater coverage, obviously, market will be much larger. In the tens of billions of dollars in travel, there are a lot of pain point has not been solved, such as tickets difficult problem, not the Internet boring problem, and more journey which are extended by the two problems in the work of learning and entertainment problems can not be free. And from app to solve, this is precisely the problem. At present, app has been in the bus, rail, aviation fields have the layout of the WiFi, covering 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, a year of service trips 6 billion. From the signing of 230 thousand intercity buses, accounting for intercity bus market.相关的主题文章: